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A downeast boat gets its name from its location of origin, which is a term used to describe the state of Maine, and its nearby coastal areas. A downeast boat is a motor yacht known for its classic good looks, safety, and practicality. Typically used for overnight and day cruising, a downeast boat features a hard top extended over a cockpit, and usually contains a full cabin and v-berth below. Search below for downeast yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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What Is a Downeast Boat?

A downeast boat is vessel with its boat style originating from the Maine lobster boats as traditional New England style vessels. This boat type has classic lines, outstanding seakeeping abilities, and is built with a simple boat layout. A downeast boat comes with comfort and stability. Compared to a downeast yacht, downeast style boats are shorter than 78 feet. The boat costs of a downeast boat will vary on a few factors, including the size of the boat, use (is it a fishing boat? Pleasure vessel for overnight cruising and day trips?), materials, the hull design (is it a semi-displacement hull?), and propulsion systems.

Who Builds Downeast Boats?

There are a wide variety of builders known for downeast style boats – from the classic lobster boats to semi-displacement boats perfect as a fishing boat or for overnight cruising and day trips, here are a few of the top downeast boat builders:

What are the Best Downeast Boats with Outboards?

Downeast style boats have been using outboard propulsion systems for years – including Sabre, Grand Banks, Back Cove, MJM Yachts, Vanquish and Hinckley. Outboard motors may increase boat costs, but they are excellent propulsion systems for fishing boats, lobster boats, and even overnight cruising and day trips.

What are the Most Popular Downeast Boat Builders?

We have already discussed some of the most popular downeast boat builders, including Sabre, Back Cove, Grand Banks and Hinckley. However, boat costs will depend on a few factors as well:

  • Size – As the size of the downeast style boat increases, the price will increase as well.
  • Hull Type – Is it a semi displacement or full displacement hull?
  • Use – Will this be a fishing boat? Lobster boat for work? Overnight cruising and day trips with the family?
  • Make and Model – Different brands will carry different price tags, including Sabre, Black Cove, Grand Banks, Hinckley and the others we’ve mentioned above.
  • Propulsion Systems – Will you be using an outboard motor? And how big of an engine will you require for your cruising?

Downeast boats are an excellent choice for those looking for a classic yacht modelled after Maine lobster fishing boats.

Why Consider Buying a Used Downeast Boat?

A downeast boat might be for you if you are looking for a seaworthy, yet stylish boat, but also a boat that can handle rough waters and all-weather conditions. Some of the key factors that downeast boat owners value and appreciate include:

  • Seaworthiness – Given their roots in fishing and lobster boats, downeast boats are incredibly seaworthy. They are sturdy, built of strong materials and can handle the roughest weather you might come across.
  • Fuel efficiency – While you may not achieve the same speeds as a powerboat, a downeast boat benefits from high fuel efficiency.
  • History – Downeast boats recall days of fishing the waters off the New England coast. The history that comes with the style and design is a driving factor for those looking at used downeast boats for sale.
  • Safety – Similar to their seaworthiness, downeast boats are built with strong hull construction, high guard rails, and increased stability.
  • Spacious – Families love downeast boats thanks to their spacious interiors and cabin layouts. They also have ample deck space, including a large aft area for dining and socializing. They make great weekend boats or for those looking at taking longer trips with friends and family.

What are the Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Downeast Boat?

As with any used boat purchase, you want to do your research and consider a few things. In particular, when looking to at used downeast boats for sale, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Explore options with YATCO. Search above for the most up to date downeast boats for sale. Search by size, builder, location, and more!
  • Before looking at boats, consult a trusted boat broker who can help show you a variety of options. Search for boat brokers near you with YATCO.
  • Budget – What is the top end you are willing to pay for your used downeast boat for sale?
  • Maintenance – How old is the downeast boat you’re looking at and will it require a lot of maintenance or upgrades?
  • What do you want to do with your downeast boat? Are you looking for short day trips, or do you want something larger you can spend weeks on at a time?
  • Safety – Have a high-quality marine surveyor look at the used downeast boat for sale you want to buy. Your boat broker can guide you in finding a reputable surveyor near you or near the downeast boat for sale. They are likely to find a number of things to address (as on all used boats), so weigh the pros and cons with the above items to see if it’s still a good choice for you.
  • Financing – Do you need financing and will you be approved for the downeast boat for sale you’re currently hoping to buy?
  • Secure boat insurance – While it isn’t a legal requirement in certain states, it is the prudent thing to do so you can make sure your boat is covered in an accident, but also, other people and boats that you may run into trouble with.