Damen Yachts Buying Guide 2023

2024 174' 9" DAMEN YACHTING YS53 Shadow or Support Vessel Motor Yacht YS53

Damen Yachting (often called Damen Yachts) is part of the shipbuilding conglomerate Damen Group. The vessels it builds are a mix of a luxury superyacht with an explorer yacht. Excellent yachts for traveling to remote destinations, Damen Yachting is renowned in the yacht and boat world for its pedigree designs and quality vessels.  

Who owns Damen Yachts?

Damen Yachting is a family-owned business and has been since its inception in 1927. Arnout Damen is the CEO of the Damen Group and Rose Damen is the Managing Director of the Damen Yachting division, and they are the third generation of the Damen family to be at the helm of the company.

Where are Damen Yachts built?

The Damen Group operates over 30 shipyards across the world but is based in the Netherlands. The company headquarters are in Gorinchem, Holland.

How much is a Damen yacht?

New build Damen yachts are priced upon application. As most Damen Yachting vessels are semi-custom, the build time and cost can be less than a fully custom vessel. Second-hand Damen yachts are currently listed for sale on YATCO starting at 22,500,000 EUROS

What type of yachts does Damen Yachts build?

The Damen Group builds a range of boats and yachts – from workboats to offshore vessels. It also has a luxury superyacht division, Amels. Damen Yachting is a division of the group and focuses on building Amels superyachts, SeaXplorer explorer yachts, and yacht support vessels.

2024 174' 9" DAMEN YACHTING YS53 Shadow or Support Vessel Motor Yacht YS53
2024 174′ 9″ DAMEN YACHTING YS53 Shadow or Support Vessel Motor Yacht YS53
2024 196' 11" DAMEN YACHTING Expedition or Explorer Motor Yacht SeaXplorer 60
2024 196′ 11″ DAMEN YACHTING Expedition or Explorer Motor Yacht SeaXplorer 60

What is Damen Yachting known for?

Damen Yachting is a very well-respected shipbuilding brand. The luxury yachts Amels and the expeditions vessels from its SeaXplorer division are extremely popular boats. As a result of the Damen Group’s global expertise in shipbuilding, vessels built by Amels and the Damen Yachting Group are renowned for their seafaring capabilities, safety, expedition capabilities, pedigree engineering, and exceptional quality.

2026 262' 6" AMELS Amels 80 Mega Yacht
2026 262′ 6″ AMELS Amels 80 Mega Yacht
SeaXplorer 60 2024 196' 11" DAMEN YACHTING Motor Yacht
SeaXplorer 60 2024 196′ 11″ DAMEN YACHTING Motor Yacht

What are Popular Damen Yachting Boat Models?

There are many popular Damen yachting boat models, some of which include:

  1. SeaXplorer: This is Damen’s luxury expedition yacht, designed for long-range cruising and exploration in remote areas.
  2. YS 5009: This is a 55-metre yacht support vessel designed to carry a wide range of equipment, toys, and tenders for its mother yacht.
  3. YS 4508: This is a 45-metre yacht support vessel, which can carry up to 20 tons of cargo and has a top speed of 22 knots.
  4. Amels 200: This is a 60-metre superyacht designed for cruising in comfort and style, with spacious interiors and plenty of outdoor areas for relaxing and socialising.
  5. Amels 180: This is a 55-metre superyacht with a sleek and modern design, featuring a spacious beach club and plenty of outdoor spaces for dining and sunbathing.
  6. Amels 242: This is a 74-metre superyacht with a striking exterior design, featuring a large swimming pool and plenty of space for outdoor activities.
  7. Amels 272: This is a 83-metre superyacht designed for long-range cruising, with a spacious beach club, large swimming pool, and luxurious interiors.

These are just a few examples of Damen’s popular yachting boat models. They offer a range of different sizes and styles to suit different tastes and needs.

If you are a boat owner who wishes to enjoy a premium, Dutch-engineered yacht from a shipyard with decades of experience, Damen Yachting is an excellent choice.

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