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Sportfish yachts are luxury fishing vessels purposely created and designed to help its owner and guests catch the ultimate fish and live the thrill of the chase. Search below for these fishing yachts for sale by location, price, size, brand and more.

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Sportfish Yacht Tips

What Are Sportfish Yachts?

Sportfish yachts are power boats designed for the open ocean. Owners of sportfishing yachts are looking for the ultimate recreational fishing experience. These large yachts are built for those looking to chase big-game fish like marlin, tuna, and wahoo. They can withstand rough conditions and come with galleys, cabins, and berths needed for deep-sea fishing.

What Are The Different Types of Sportfish Yacht Hulls?

Sportfish yacht hulls are designed with seaworthiness and comfort in mind while ensuring they can cruise through any sea conditions. Monohulls include flat-bottom skiffs, moderate-V, and deep-V boats. Multihull sportfish yachts are known for their deck space and stability at rest. Flat hulls boats have even more stability and are easier to build, but they tend to handle waves harshly. The vessel’s ride is improved by an increase in the design of the hull’s angle to form a V.

Finally, variable-deadrise hull yachts have the lowest or deepest section of the hull form a steep angle, and each subsequent section between the longitudinal strakes (the ridges that run fore and aft) angles less and less. This graduated deadrise is said to lessen the impact because of the deep angle at the keel. Flattening the deadrise as it approaches the chines (where the hull bottom meets the sides) provides some of the stability benefits of a flatter yacht hull.

What Equipment Do Sportfish Yachts Come With?

Many sportfish yachts come with the equipment needed to fight and catch the biggest fish, including kill boxes, outriggers, towers, ice makers, tuna towers, live bait wells, and large tackling stations, and much more. Sportfish yachts are powered by sterndrive, pod drives, big outboard, or inboard diesel engines. These vessels can cruise at 30 knots or faster.

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