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Olympic sailor John Dane III founded Trinity Yachts in 1998 to expand Halter Marine’s military boat building capabilities into luxury mega yacht construction. With incredible success, Trinity Yachts built luxury mega yachts in steel and aluminum up to 403 feet. Learn more about the notable builder below, and search for Trinity yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Trinity Yachts was a globally recognized American luxury superyacht manufacturer located on the Gulf Coast of the United States. The boatbuilding company delivers custom steel and aluminum superyachts of up to 403 feet (123 meters) in length. Trinity Yachts was founded in 1998 when Olympic sailor John Dane III wanted to expand Halter Marine’s military boat building capacities into luxury motor yacht building. Although the military arm still builds today, Trinity Yachts unfortunately closed its doors.

As one of the world’s top builders of luxury superyachts, Trinity had a large team of first-class marine engineers, naval architects, mega yacht designers, and skilled craftspeople located in two shipyards on 100 waterfront acres with 20 acres under cover for production, fabrication, and outfitting. The company’s in-house naval architects and engineers have produced highly sought-after designs, including the popular Victory Lane Series and the new Global Explorer Series of motor yachts.

Trinity Yachts also worked with some of the world’s most renowned naval architects and interior designers. Some of the most popular yachts in the global charter fleet are Trinity-built yachts.

Despite the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Trinity Yachts stayed strong and continued building well into 2008 – even when the downturn hit.  The yard had become the US’s largest yacht builder with the capacity to deliver up to 10 mega yachts per year. Throughout its 20-year run, Trinity delivered 62 yachts but operations stopped after it had been bought by Harvey Gulf.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: Up to 400 feet (123 meters)
  • Type: Superyachts

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Gulfport, Mississippi


Steel and Aluminum