What are the Mediterranean Countries – Boating and Yachting in the Mediterranean

Explore the diverse Mediterranean yacht charters, spanning Europe, Africa, and Asia. Plan your private yacht charter voyage today!

The Mediterranean is home to 22 countries spread across three continents. From the more popular boating and yachting destinations in Europe, to those countries found in Africa and Asia, there’s a wide variety of Mediterranean countries to visit on your next yacht charter through the region.

What Countries are in the Mediterranean?

Explore the diverse Mediterranean yacht charters, spanning Europe, Africa, and Asia. Plan your private yacht charter voyage today!


Touted as one of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets, Albania shares many of the attributes of their neighbors, Croatia and Greece – white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, temperate climates and numerous ruins and history to be found. Unlike their neighbors, however, Albania remains relatively untouched and unspoiled making this place even more appealing for boat and yacht charters.  

While all boat and yacht types will be comfortable exploring here, you may want to look for a catamaran, or low draft motorboat or motor yacht to allow access to shallow bays.


Sitting across from the most popular Mediterranean countries sit some African gems dotted along the Mediterranean Sea. One of these is Algeria – steeped in history, culture, and beaches spanning miles along the coastline. Algeria is turning into a very popular superyacht destination as these owners and charter guests seek out destinations not as busy or overpopulated across the Med. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

With only a very little bit of coastline of the Bosnia and Herzegovina border touching the Mediterranean Sea, many people will book a yacht or boat charter around Croatia or Montenegro and pull into port to explore a bit of Bosnia and Herzegovina on land. A beautiful country with Medieval architecture abounding, visit Bosnia and Herzegovina if you want to take a step back in time and explore undisturbed surroundings.


Croatia is undoubtedly a very popular yacht charter destination. With a multitude of islands within close proximity to each other, sandy beaches, delicious food and wine, culture and ancient history to explore, there’s a little something for everyone in Croatia. Discover more about a luxury sailing yacht charter in Croatia with YATCO’s guide.

Cyprus in the Mediterranean, What are the Mediterranean Countries – Yacht Charter Mediterranean


Uniquely situated below Greece and west of Asia, Cyprus benefits from stunning weather, beautiful coastlines and a blend of white sandy beaches, with high mountain peaks for those looking to stretch their legs on a yacht charter.


Another Mediterranean country that borders the Mediterranean on one side is Egypt. With access to not only the Med, but also fantastic diving in the Red Sea, Egypt is a gem of the north African coast that has seen more luxury yacht charters flocking to her shores.


One of the jewels of the Mediterranean, France has a long history of yacht and boat charters. Especially predominant here are luxury yachts and mega yachts cruising the many waters and historical ports that reside here. With opulence at every turn, France is a charter destination that gives you access to numerous cities, plenty of beaches, gourmet food and excellent buzz. 


Gibraltar, also known as the “The Rock” is one of the few Mediterranean countries located in the midst of the sea, surrounded by water. With plenty to see both on water, and on land, Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located very close to Spain and the entry point to the Mediterranean Sea.

Greece in the Mediterranean


With home to nearly 6,000 islands, Greece is a yacht charter haven. With so many islands to discover – many within a short cruise of each other – you might find it comfortable booking a charter onboard a sailing yacht or motor yacht. Both have their benefits – sailboats allow you to gently cruise from one spot to the next; while a high-powered motor yacht can get you there slightly quicker.


Sitting in the southernmost point of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel may not be the first place you think of when discussing Mediterranean countries. However, Israel offers beautiful beaches for sunbathing, coral reefs for snorkeling, and stunning blue waters to cruise across.

Italy in the Mediterranean


Soaked in history, sunshine, culture, amazing food and wine, Italy is made for those looking to enjoy a romantic yacht charter across the Mediterranean Sea. With multiple ports within easy range of each other, you can book a yacht or boat charter in Italy and take in a multitude of ports along the way. 

Search yachts and boats for charter in the most popular areas of Italy including: Southern Italy yacht charters; Italian Riveria yacht charters; boat and yacht charters in Eastern Italy; and Western Italy boat and yacht charters.


Located on the western tip of Asia, with Cyprus just across the horizon, Lebanon is a budding luxury yachting charter scene thanks to a number of new facilities for yachts when visiting, and plenty of undisturbed mooring options away from the busier Mediterranean countries on our list.


Located just south of Crete, Libya has been rising through the ranks of superyacht cruising spots in the Mediterranean over the last few years. With easy access from across Europe, yachting enthusiasts are embracing Libya’s wide swathes of beaches and quiet cruising grounds.  


A long-heralded superyacht mecca, Malta is an archipelago with an abundance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking architecture, temperate climates, excellent diving and beautiful beaches and grottoes.


Undoubtedly the superyacht mecca of the Mediterranean, Monaco holds all the glitz and glamor you’ve read about, but so much more as well. Aside from the glitterati, fine dining options, buzzing nightlife and luxury amenities, Monaco also benefits from easy access to other locations in the south of France and beyond. Enjoy warm waters, bustling ports and excellent shopping in Monaco. 

Montenegro in the Mediterranean


A growing hub for luxury yachts in the eastern Mediterranean, Montenegro features a rugged coastline that tumbles down into deep blue waters. Wild vegetation and Medieval cities combine to create an alluring stop in the Med. Popular ports include Kotor and even cruising into neighboring Croatia for those looking to tick two Mediterranean countries off their bucket list. Explore other popular yachting destinations along the Adriatic Sea.

Morocco in the Mediterranean


We can’t touch upon those Mediterranean countries in north Africa without exploring Morocco. Brimming with historical landmarks, cultural wonders and plenty of romantic cities to explore, Morocco offers the opportunity to step back in time, into a different world. Fragrant spices and bustling markets make way to beautiful ports and excellent cruising grounds. 


Croatia’s neighbor to the north, Slovenia shares many similarities with this part of the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. Sailboats and catamaran yachts are very popular here thanks to the gentle seas and numerous ports within close proximity to each other.


Beloved by yachts and boats for years, Spain offers an exciting mainland with Barcelona and Madrid available to explore, with a number of major islands as well. These include Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza on the Mediterranean side. Whether you’re interested in busy city life with shopping and dining options, along with cultural museums and activities, or want to charter your yacht from one sleepy village along the coast to the next, Spain has it all.


Wrapping around the coast, just south of Turkey and the Turquoise Coast, lies Syria. While it may not be as popular as other locations for yacht charters, it does have a beautiful coastline to see. Bursting with history and architecture, Syria is slowly emerging from years of civil war that made tourism here relatively obsolete.  


With Italy just a stone’s throw from her northern shores, Tunisia beckons you to discover the northern most tip of Africa. Expect to find sandy beaches, glamorous ports, and remnants of bygone eras. Many flock to Tunisia to enjoy a view of the Mediterranean from the opposite side and embrace the warm people and culture that abounds here.

Turkey in the Mediterranean


The Turkish Coast has seen a huge uptick in boats and yachts visiting the region in recent years. With a large coastline and mix of east and west cultures, food and history, many enjoy traveling a little outside the beaten track and discovering a new side of the Mediterranean.

Europe in the Mediterranean

How to Charter a Yacht in the Mediterranean – Private Yacht Charter Mediterranean 

New to the yacht charter scene? YATCO can help guide you throughout the whole process. Before deciding on where and when you’d like to go, read our “How to Charter a Yacht Guide” to learn more about chartering a yacht, including a very detailed checklist! 

  • Motor Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean: Chartering a motor yacht is for those who enjoy getting from one port to the next without wasting any time. Motor yachts are those vessels 79ft and over and will come with a plethora of water toys and decks to play with and explore.

Popular Motor Yacht Charters

  • Small Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean: Chartering a small yacht in some of these Mediterranean countries is ideal since it will allow you better access to shallow bays. Small yachts have smaller “drafts” which mean they don’t need deep water to anchor in. Small yachts will usually come with some water toys but refers to yachts 78ft and smaller.

Popular Small Charter Yachts

  • Superyacht Charter in the Mediterranean: A haven for superyachts, the Mediterranean offers no shortage of superyachts to see and be seen on. Superyachts are vessels 100ft and above decorated and designed with luxury and opulence in mind. Similar to motor yachts, they will have plenty of water toys to play with, large interior spaces for sleeping and dining, and multiple decks to catch the sun.

Popular Superyacht Charters

  • Sailboat & Sailing Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean: Sailboat and sailing yacht charters are very popular across the Mediterranean thanks to favorable winds and seas, and the ability to gently sail from one island or port to another. You’ll see a large number of sailboats and sailing yachts in particular in places like Greece and Croatia.

Popular Sailboat & Sailing Yacht Charters

Interesting Facts About the Mediterranean Sea 

What capital cities are located on the Mediterranean coast? 

There are eight capital cities that are located along the Mediterranean coast. These include: 

  • Athens (Greece)  
  • Algiers (Algeria) 
  • Beirut (Lebanon) 
  • Rome (Italy) 
  • Tripoli (Libya) 
  • Tunis (Tunisia) 
  • Valletta (Malta) 
  • Vatican City 

Which country has the longest Mediterranean coastline? 

There are a few Mediterranean countries that benefit from long coastlines. However, the country with the longest coastline touching the Mediterranean Sea is Greece, with a whopping 8,500 miles of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. 

What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? 

With over 40 islands spread across the Mediterranean Sea, you might be wondering which one is the biggest. The largest island in the Mediterranean is Sicily – this Italian island sits south of the mainland and measures nearly 10,000 square meters in size.  

There are a number of delicious foods that come to mind when you think of the Mediterranean. Without a doubt, some of the most popular Mediterranean foods include olives (and olive oil), fish, cheese, meat, pasta and bread. 

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With so many Mediterranean countries to discover, you can spend a lifetime booking yacht charters in the region, and still not uncover them all. We hope this guide has helped elaborate a bit on the many countries that call this region home and start ticking them off your bucket list.

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