Exploring the Historically Rich Creation and Evolution of the Mediterranean Sea and Its Countries

Dive into Mediterranean history, shaped over six million years. Explore the intriguing cultures and traditions.

Considering the Mediterranean Sea was created over six million years ago and has seen a number of empires rise and fall during this time, it’s no surprise this part of the world is filled with rich history, deep traditions, and has created a melting pot of cultures and people across her 22 countries. These countries include those in Europe, Africa and Asia, all intrinsically linked by the Mediterranean Sea. 

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What is the origin of the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean Sea was created about six million years ago during the “Zanclean flood” which caused a mega flood from the Atlantic Ocean to pour over the western mountain ranges of Europe and create the Mediterranean Sea as we know it today. 

What makes the Mediterranean Sea notable in history? 

Not only as a means of transport, but the Mediterranean Sea was also and remains so notable to the countries surrounding it, due to the connection offered.

Whether it be historical transport, trade, or the cultural diversity and exchanges offered, the Mediterranean Sea has the unique location of connecting a number of countries in a relatively small area when compared to larger bodies of water. 

Why is the Mediterranean so famous? 

Today we may know the Mediterranean as a popular yacht charter destination or sunny escape for Europeans and those around the world. However, long before the superyacht set came to the Mediterranean, this region was known for a multitude of other things.

Mediterranean history weaves a rich tapestry across countries, continents, nationalities and religions. Each country brings something unique to the area, yet all are united by this vast body of water.  

From the Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek and Roman Empires, to the high tourism industry and trade routes still found here, Mediterranean history continues to evolve and thrive today.

Venice, Mediterranean
Venice, Mediterranean

What ancient civilizations lived in the Mediterranean?

Throughout Mediterranean history, a number of ancient civilizations have called this region home. Some of the notable ancient civilizations throughout Mediterranean history include: 

  • Mesopotamian  
  • Egyptian 
  • Assyrian 
  • Babylonian 
  • Persian 
  • Greek 
  • Roman 

Who were the first people in the Mediterranean? 

While many used to believe the earliest people in the Mediterranean were those from the ancient civilizations above, recent discoveries have shown that Neanderthals and earlier humans may have inhabited parts of the Mediterranean over 200,000 years ago; beating the other residents by tens of thousands of years. 

Rome, Mediterranean
Rome, Mediterranean

What did the Romans call the Mediterranean? 

The Mediterranean Sea has been called many things throughout history by its various inhabitants. The Romans referred to the Mediterranean as “Mare Nostrum” or “Our Sea” in English. 

What did the ancient people call the Mediterranean? 

Aside from the Romans, the Mediterranean Sea was called a few different things by the ancient civilizations that resided here.

The “White Sea” or “Akdeniz” for the Turks, and the “Great Sea” or “Yam Gadol” for the Jewish people. While in English, the Mediterranean Sea also means “Between the Lands” which is fitting for a body of water that connects so many different countries along her shorelines. 

The Mediterranean Sea as a Yacht Charter Hub Today 

While rich in history, the Mediterranean Sea today is known as a veritable playground for yachts and tourists alike. With plenty of easy cruising, ports close to each other, hundreds of islands dotted around, and so many countries, foods, and cultures to take in, it’s no wonder interest in the Mediterranean continues to grow as a yacht charter destination.

Croatia, Mediterranean Sea
Croatia, Mediterranean Sea

With stunning destinations like Croatia and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean, to summer hot spots like France, Spain and Italy in the Western Mediterranean, you’ll have no shortage of destinations, or yachts to pick from when booking a private yacht vacation here. 

A Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean or Caribbean? 

When trying to decide between a yacht charter in the Mediterranean, or a yacht rental in the Caribbean, it’s important to note that both regions have something to offer.

The Mediterranean is popular in the summer months when the region comes alive. Temperatures are fantastic, cultural and historical attractions and venues are all open, the people, the food and the vibe are addictive.

It can be especially great for those looking to visit a few countries on one yacht charter in close proximity to one another, or to even spend the next few years ticking destinations off your summer bucket list one at a time. 

The Caribbean, however, is the place to be in the winter months. Many plan their yacht charters to the sunny Caribbean islands to escape the harsh winters of the north, and get a little sunshine and heavy dose of Vitamin D. From Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos, to the Windward Islands and Leeward Islands, each stop offers its own cultural experience and up-close encounters with wildlife both in the water, and on land. 

So, instead of choosing the Mediterranean or the Caribbean for your next vacation, why not make plans for a winter yacht charter in the Caribbean, and a summer yacht rental in the Mediterranean?

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Mediterranean history has spanned centuries and civilizations since its inception six million years ago. A region so steeped in history, with various cultures and historical landmarks makes this a destination many flock to year after year. If you want to start planning your yacht charter to the rich Mediterranean Sea, start your search with YATCO.  

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