Yacht Tender & Toys Guide 2024

Along with the yacht rental, the private crew, your gourmet chef, and the ability to personalize the itinerary however you like, the other thing people look forward to the most on their yacht charter is - the toys. Your yacht charter will come with a large number of yacht toys and a luxury yacht tender to play with on the water. Let’s explore some of the yacht toys you can expect to find onboard your next yacht charter.

Enhance your yachting experience with the ultimate guide to yacht tender and yacht toys. From chase boats over thrilling jet skis and paddleboards to luxurious inflatable RIPs, this guide covers everything you need to maximize your on-water fun. Discover the best selections and expert tips for choosing the right yacht tender and toys to complement your yacht. Whether you’re planning a family adventure or entertaining guests, these toys add excitement and enjoyment to every voyage. Dive into our comprehensive guide to find out how to elevate your yachting adventures. Read more and start planning your fun-filled journey today!

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Yacht Tender FAQ

What is a tender boat for a yacht?  

A tender boat for a yacht is usually a smaller, faster boat that the crew and their guests can have access to during their time onboard.

A tender boat is handy to have since larger superyachts or sailing yachts with long keels may need to anchor further away from shore, and the tender can be used for swift and easy transportation to and from land. Other times, the tender is used as a way to explore the islands around you or even tow water skiers and tubers behind. Yacht tenders vary in size based on the size of the main yacht and will determine what exactly is possible with your tender.

yacht tender boat for excursions

What does tender mean on a sailboat?  

When speaking in relation to sailboats, tender could mean two different things. A tender could be referring to the dinghy often carried on the back or on the bow. Depending on the size of the sailboat, they will usually be smaller inflatable dinghies used for quick returns to shore or in an emergency situation. 

To say a sailboat is “tender” could also mean that it isn’t stiff and rigid, so it heels into the wind properly. It’s important to note the two different usages of the term tender in relation to sailboats so you are aware of them should they arise.  

What size tender for a yacht? 

The exact size tender you’ll need for your yacht will depend on a few things: 

  1. The size of your yacht (also known as the “mothership”) – Larger yachts with more guest capacity will need larger tenders. 
  2. What you want to do with your tender or “chase boat” – Is it to simply get out and back from shore? Do you want to use it for water sports?  
  3. Tender storage space – Larger superyachts and mega yachts will have built in storage for your tender so it will have to stick to certain configurations (considering all of the attachments to get the tender in and out of storage), and for smaller boats, the tender may simply sit on the bow when not in use. 

Most yachts around 150ft will have a tender around 30ft, plus one or two smaller tenders so the crew can use one for any errands, while the guests and captain have access to another. Various tenders may also be used for different tasks so larger yachts will usually have one main tender and a smaller one or two as well.

yacht tender boat

How does a yacht tender work?  

A yacht tender is either stored in the tender garage or on the bow of the yacht. When the crew or guests request to use it, it can be removed from the garage or the bow by a crane or davit system.

The tender can then be used for navigating shallow waters, errands on land or shuttling guests to and from the main yacht. They run similarly to other boats – usually on diesel, with similar controls and navigational systems to other motor boats on the water. 

How many people can fit on a tender boat?  

Similar to yachts, the exact number of people that can fit on a tender boat will depend on the size of the tender.

If we use the example above, a 30ft tender should be able to fit 12 people onboard with ease.

Again, this can depend on what you are using the tender for. If it’s to go scuba diving for the day, you may fit less people once you consider all of the equipment needed.

pan of an inflatable yacht tender?  

Most inflatable yacht tenders should have a life span of 10-15 years. There are a few things that can impact the overall lifespan and condition of your inflatable yacht tender: 

  • Age 
  • Material 
  • Storage 
  • UV ray exposure 
  • Saltwater use 

Are there luxury inflatable yacht tenders?  

Yes, there are luxury inflatable yacht tenders. RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are very popular, since they are very lightweight and fast to zip back and forth to land. While they aren’t large enough to host a number of guests on, they definitely serve their purpose and luxury inflatable yacht tenders are certainly an option. Please click here to view new and used boat tenders for sale on YATCO.

Is a tender boat included in yacht charter?  

A tender boat will almost always be included on your yacht charter. Even smaller sailboats will have an inflatable tender in case of emergencies or to travel from the boat to land. As we are discussing yachts 79ft and above, your luxury yacht charter will definitely have a tender boat, if not multiple yacht tenders for you and your guests to enjoy while onboard.

How to tow a tender behind a yacht? 

While you may not want to tow a tender all the time, if you plan to use it regularly, sometimes towing it makes the most sense. When you are towing a tender behind you, here is the safest way to do so: 

  • Secure the tow line from the stern of the main yacht that will be towing the tender. 
  • Make sure the tow line is secured to the centerline of the tender. 
  • Remove all items from the tender. 
  • Lessen or expand the slack line depending on weather conditions so there is just enough tension on the line. 
  • Make sure your tender lights are on (just like when towing a trailer behind your car). 

Some people opt to tow a tender from the side which will involve a different tow line connected to the mothership, but it can be complicated when maneuvering tight places or coming into dock.

dinghy as boat tender

What is the best yacht tender?  

The best yacht tender for one person may not be the same for another. While some may prefer an inflatable one, others may want (or need) a substantial second boat to have onboard their mega yacht. So, how do you decide what is the right yacht tender boat for you? Here are some things to consider: 

  • What are your goals – Do you want to simply take guests back and forth to the dock? Will you be using the tender for sunset cruises or to take guests scuba diving? What about towing people for watersports? Or even deep sea sportfishing? 
  • What is your storage like – Is there space onboard your yacht for a large tender garage? Will you store it in the stern? Or on the bow while in transit? 
  • What are your cruising goals – Will you be covering vast distances or staying close to home? Depending on the extent of cruising you want to accomplish, you may want to have a larger and sturdier tender should you need it while crossing oceans. 

What are luxury yacht tenders?  

Luxury tenders are not your run-of-the-mill inflatable dinghies. They are almost mini yachts all their own – from their style and design to their seaworthiness, luxury yacht tenders are often sleek, high-speed chase boats.

Yacht Toys

What are the best luxury yacht toys?  

Luxury yacht toys are what you can expect to find on your luxury yacht charter when it’s time to get in the water and splash around! This sector of the industry is growing every day with plenty of new yacht water toys coming to the market constantly. Some of the most popular yacht toys you might find on your yacht charter include: 

  • Jet ski(s) 
  • Tube 
  • SeaBob
  • Water skis 
  • FunAir Slide and Beach Club area 
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards 
  • Kayaks 
  • Submersible 
  • Scuba diving gear 
  • Snorkeling equipment 
  • Flyboard water jetpacks 
jet ski as yacht toy

Are yacht toys included in the yacht charter?  

Yes, all yachts will have a selection of yacht toys available on your charter. From the oldest to the younger charterers, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. It’s no secret that one of the best parts of a yacht charter is taking advantage of time on the water – the world is your oyster on your own luxury yacht charter!

When you book a luxury yacht charter, you will have access to the tenders, and a wide variety of yacht toys to play with for the duration of your trip. Whether you are a thrill seeker looking to whip around the back of a yacht tender on water skis or want to take an early morning paddleboard to explore a local deserted island, all you must do is ask the captain or crew to take you on the tender or load the toys into the water for you.

scuba diving gear as yacht toy

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