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Personal submersibles have made their way into the superyacht world and onto yachts worldwide. Aspiring divers and superyacht owners use personal submersibles to reach depths of the ocean in a safe and secure environment that allows them to discover the ocean in a way never before thought possible. Search all personal submarines for sale available by location, size, year, price, brand, and more. Different sizes and levels of luxury available.

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Personal Submarine Tips

What is a Personal Submarine?

A personal submarine is built for recreational use. Also called a personal submersible, it’s usually fairly compact at just a few meters in length and can be small enough to fit into a yacht’s tender bay and can offer excellent fields of view under the water. Personal submarines have been used to conduct scientific research, in filmmaking, for ocean exploration, and more, which is why they offer excellent fields of view. Several superyachts in the global fleet carry one on board. There are various submersible options, amongst them the two-seater DeepFlight Dragon, which can dive to 100 meters; U-Boat Worx’s three-person C-Explorer 3 submarine that can submerge to 300 meters; SEAmagine’s three-person Aurora-3C that’s rated to dive to 495 meters; and Triton Submarine’s 1650/3LP three-seater, which is capable of reaching depths of 500 meters.

What are Personal Submarine Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

Personal submarines have to be built to withstand the immense pressure that comes from operating at great depths underwater — the deeper you travel, the greater the pressure. While the various personal submarine manufacturers have different hull configurations, most are somewhat spherical in shape. Triton Submarine’s 1650/3LP has an acrylic hull, while DeepFlight Dragon’s hull is made from composites, reportedly stronger and lighter than steel, that can be found in some of NASA’s projects.

Personal submarines are usually classed through a classification society like Lloyd’s Register, the American Bureau of Shipping, or DNV-GL, so they’re rigorously tested and certified for safety. Some personal submarines can come with HD camera systems to record what is being seen under the water. This way, users can watch what they have seen at a future date.

Why Should You Buy a Personal Submarine?

You should buy a personal submarine if you are fascinated by the ocean and a keen explorer, ready to push the envelope. A personal submarine enables its occupants to observe more of the ocean than is possible from the yacht’s surface surroundings, offering access to deeper water far beyond diver’s access, which is an opportunity and a privilege not many people get to experience. Owners can be trained to operate their own subs, depending on which you purchase, so if you’re looking for a special experience, you can cruise along at a few knots in your own personal submarine.

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