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Triton Submersibles are not only popular watertoys aboard some of the finest superyachts, they are serious vessels utilized for research purposes. The high-tech subs are used for deep diving uncharted waters, giving users new underwater experiences they have never been able to have before these innovative inventions. The subs have also helped owners set and beat world records, such as depth records, durations, and frequency records.


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Triton Submersibles Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
2500-2690 Center Console 2001-2008 25.25ft 9ft 2.16ft
2500-2690 Walkaround 2001-2007 25.25ft 9ft 2.16ft
2895 Center Console 2004-2007 29.83ft 9.41ft 3ft
351 Center Console 2006-2010 34.83ft 10ft 3ft

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