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World leader in submersibles, Triton builds submersibles for discerning individuals and demanding professionals. Triton has helped their owners to achieve world records, create global broadcasts, and break records for the deepest, longest and most-repeated dives, while some of the most compelling documentaries of the past decade were filmed with a Triton submersible.

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Triton Submersibles Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
2500-2690 Center Console 2001-2008 25' 3" (7.7m) 9' (2.74m) 2' 3" (0.66m)
2500-2690 Walkaround 2001-2007 25' 3" (7.7m) 9' (2.74m) 2' 3" (0.66m)
2895 Center Console 2004-2007 29' 10" (9.09m) 9' 6" (2.87m) 3' (0.91m)
351 Center Console 2006-2010 34' 10" (10.62m) 10' (3.05m) 3' (0.91m)

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Company History

Triton submersibles are built of the finest materials. The industry’s clearest view is achieved through Triton’s premium-grade, optically-perfect acrylic, offering the most intimate connection with our ocean.

*Please note that Triton Submarines is not to be confused or associated with the OceanGate-owned TITAN submarine that tragically malfunctioned and perished in June 2023.

Our interiors are unlike any other. They are the most comfortable, ergonomic and beautifully hand-finished designs. Our partnership with Espen Øino International has helped us achieve a level of interior craftsmanship and material finish that is simply unmatched. What we learned engineering bespoke components for the world’s first Full Ocean Depth submersible has yielded incredible gains in reliability and dependability for even our shallowest-diving sub. Working with the team at OceanX has helped us develop our Triton submarines as flexible platforms for both work and play.

Little wonder, then, that Triton are the de facto choice for scientists, researchers, filmmakers and explorers the world over.

Clients for whom reliability and dependability are key, overwhelmingly choose Triton submarines. Our subs are engineered by the only manufacturer to achieve Full Ocean Depth certification. No submersible manufacturer understands the deep ocean like Triton.

We work hard to ensure that our customers remain as satisfied today as they were on their first dive. Clients enjoy after-sales and technical support for the world’s most experienced submersible engineers and operations teams.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founders: L. Bruce Jones and Patrick Lahey
  • Boat Types: Submersibles – Leisure, Professional, Ultra Deep, Cruise and Commercial
  • Boat sizes: 6.6ft (2m) – 50.5ft (15.4m)
  • Boat models:
    • Triton Deepview – 100m depth
    • Triton 660/2 – 200m depth
    • Triton 660 – 200m depth
    • Project Hercules – 200m depth
    • Triton 1650/3 – 500m depth
    • Triton 1650/7 – 500m depth
    • Triton 3300/1 – 1,000m depth
    • Triton 3300/3 – 1,000m depth
    • Triton 3300/6 – 1,000m depth
    • Triton 7500/3 – 2,286m depth
    • Triton 13000/2 – 4,000m – Titanic Explorer
    • Triton 36000/2 – Unlimited exploration – can reach the deepest part of the ocean in 3 hours



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