Charter Yacht Provisioning Guide 2024

When booking your first yacht charter or yacht rental, you’ll come across something quite often - yacht provisioning. What exactly is charter yacht food provisioning and what does it mean for you? Let’s explore the ins and outs of yacht charter provisioning so you are prepared when booking your next luxury yacht charter.

Provisioning a yacht for a charter is an essential part of ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience on the water. Our Charter Yacht Provisioning Guide provides invaluable insights into planning and stocking your yacht with everything you need, from gourmet meals to essential supplies. Whether you’re a yacht owner or a charter guest, this guide will help you understand the logistics and details involved in provisioning, ensuring that every trip is smooth and stress-free. Dive into our comprehensive guide to make your yacht charter a memorable adventure. Read more to get started on your journey!

What is yacht charter provisioning? 

Yacht charter provisioning is when the boat or yacht you are chartering will purchase and acquire all of your requested food and drinks ahead of your yacht rental.

During the booking and planning phase of your yacht charter, your yacht broker will send you a “Preference Sheet” which you will fill out with your fellow charter guests to give the crew an idea of what you like to eat. Not only will this ensure your favorite items are onboard for you; but it will also help your luxury chef prepare some amazing and delicious gourmet meals for you all.

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What are the provisions for a charter yacht?  

The provisions for a charter yacht include any and all items you’d like to request the yacht purchases ahead of your arrival.

From breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas to your favorite snack foods and drink options and brands, the yacht crew will be happy to provision this for you before your yacht charter begins. 

Who pays for provisions on a yacht?  

The charter yacht food provisioning is paid for by the charterer as part of their Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA).

To err on the safe side, we usually recommend budgeting around an additional 35% of the base price of the yacht charter fee to go toward your APA. If you are into top shelf liquors and vintage wine, this could increase; whereas, if you aren’t heavy drinkers or don’t have many special requests, this percentage could be lower.  

What this means is, if you are booking a yacht charter that has a base price of $100,000 for the week, your APA will cost somewhere around $35,000 for the week. All of these costs will be discussed at the time of the contract signature, so you won’t have any surprises while on your yacht charter. 

Do yacht guests pay for provisions on a yacht?  

Yes, the yacht guests will pay for the yacht provisioning, however this will all be agreed upon and discussed when you confirm your booking, so you won’t have to pay for any food or drinks in person on the yacht.  

Your charter yacht broker will be happy to guide you through the entire process of charter yacht food provisioning. Please search for a reputable charter broker near you now.

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Is food and drink included in a charter yacht?  

While food and drinks aren’t included in the base price of the yacht you’ll see published on websites when booking your yacht charter, it will be included in the additional fees for the charter, which will all be paid as part of the same package. So, yes, food and drink will ultimately be included in your charter yacht. 

These extra fees usually amount to around 50-55% of the base price listed on the charter yacht listing. So, if you have a base yacht price charter in the French Riviera for $100,000 for the week, the APA, local taxes, fuel, and optional crew tip will amount to around $55,000 so your total yacht charter cost will be around $155,000. All these additional fees (except the crew tip which is given at the end of your yacht charter and up to the discretion of the charterer), will be confirmed at the time of the contract signing so you won’t have any surprises. 

When you charter a yacht is alcohol included?  

Yes, alcohol is included on a yacht charter. Based on your preference sheet note, the crew will source and purchase your preferred alcoholic beverages before your charter begins. Alcohol is part of that charter yacht provisioning APA allowance.

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How much stronger is alcohol on a yacht?  

The percentage of alcohol will be the same whether consumed on water or on land. However, there are more hazards when drinking alcohol on a yacht (waves, sun, heat, etc.) so it’s important to know your limits and drink within them. 

Can you smoke cigarettes on a charter yacht?  

Smoking onboard will be at the discretion of the yacht owner – some will have strict no smoking policies; while others may have a dedicated outdoor space where you may smoke. If this is important to you and your charter guests, be sure to let your yacht charter broker know as soon as you start looking at yachts available so they can confirm with the yacht owner or yacht management company. 

Is a crew included in a charter yacht?  

Yes, when looking at charter yachts available to rent, yacht crew always comes with the package. In fact, the base price you see listed is the cost of the yacht rental and your crew, with all of those extras mentioned above being quoted after.  

The only time you won’t have a crew included on a yacht rental is if you are booking a “bareboat charter.” This means you are in charge of navigating the boat and no crew will be onboard to help you or provide cooking and services. It is rare to see yachts available for bareboat charter given the size of yachts being 79ft and above. Smaller sailboat and catamaran bareboat charters are quite popular in certain places around the world, but all of the yachts you see for charter on will include a full-time crew. 

What is better Caribbean or Mediterranean yacht charter? 

There is no “winner takes all” in yacht charter destinations. Different people will be partial to different regions as their tastes and vacation preferences change. Not only that, but some locations are better depending on the season.

Most will prefer a yacht charter in the Caribbean during the winter months, while the western Mediterranean with popular ports in France, Italy, and Spain, or the burgeoning eastern Mediterranean with Croatia and Greece growing in interest, will always be popular over the summer months. 

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Yacht Charter Guides 

Booking your first yacht charter will come with an abundance of questions, but don’t worry, YATCO has you covered. We have a plethora of Charter Guides to help you make the booking process as seamless as possible. For a complete list of our Charter FAQ’s and Guides, please click here. 

Yacht charter provisioning is something you will need to consider when booking your next yacht charter or yacht rental. Your charter broker will be able to guide you through the process, and work with you on compiling your preference sheet for the yacht crew.

Start your search for your next luxury yacht charter here. 

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