Yacht Rental Guide 2023

luxury yacht on a pier at night. A yacht rental gives you the opportunity to spend some time on the water, whether it’s for a day or over a weekend or even longer.

A yacht rental provides you with the opportunity to spend some time on the water, whether it’s for a day or over a weekend or even longer. If you’re wondering about the differences between a yacht rental and a yacht charter, read on for more information.

Yacht Rental FAQ 

What is a yacht rental?  

A yacht rental supplies users with a yacht for their use for an agreed upon time. Yacht rentals are usually smaller vessels that you only rent out for a couple of hours, or a day at a time.

However, you may come across rentals that are for longer than this, but they are often referred to as “bareboat charters” which means you rent or charter yacht for as long as you like but it does not come with a crew, so you have to be able to navigate the yacht yourself.

What is the difference between a yacht rental and a yacht charter?

A yacht rental is usually a shorter-term rental on a smaller sized vessel. Whereas a yacht charter usually refers to larger yachts that can accommodate a number of guests and crewmembers. A yacht charter will come with more luxuries – a private captain, chef, stewardess and even more crew depending on the size of the yacht. A yacht charter will also have water toys, a beach club for swimming, a tender, and access to more cruising grounds given their size and longer-term rental. 

What is yacht day rental? 

A yacht day rental is when you rent a yacht just for the day. Many people will decide to rent a yacht for the day as part of a larger vacation. So, say you are staying at a villa in St Barths but want to enjoy a yacht rental for some scuba diving along the coast. This allows you the privacy and access that a yacht can give you, without needing to book a full-blown yacht charter. 

luxury yacht in the Mediterranean. Yacht Rental Guide 2023

How much does it cost to rent a yacht? 

The cost of a yacht rental will depend on a number of factors: 

  • Location – Certain locations around the world will charge a premium for renting a yacht. This can be down to demand, but also the surrounding luxurious amenities. 
  • Time of year – High season will always cost more as the demand forces the prices up. 
  • Size of yacht – Will it be for a large group? Or just a couple? And do you want the yacht to yourself, or would you be happy to pay for a larger group day rental? 
  • Length of time – Are you renting the yacht for an hour? The morning? All day? Or overnight stays? 

Usually yacht rentals will charge by the hour of half day and offer pro-rated options based on your length of stay. These can start anywhere from $500 an hour to over $5,000 an hour.

Does a yacht charter include fuel? 

Yacht charters technically include fuel, but it isn’t so black and white. A yacht charter will charge you a “base rate” which is just the cost to charter the yacht for a week, with the crew on board. Fuel is added on top of this; however, the broker will give you a price for the Advanced Provisioning Allowance which usually includes the assumed amount of fuel you will use based on your itinerary. So, you will prepay for the fuel in this way, with any additional fuel being charged after the charter, and any remaining funds being refunded back to you if they go unused. 

Learn more about yacht charter prices here.

luxury yacht pier, Yacht Rental Guide 2023

How much does it cost to rent a yacht per day? 

Similar to the cost question above, a yacht rental fee per day will depend on where you are renting the yacht, how big the vessel is and where you want to go. You can usually expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to even double, triple or more than that based on the size of the yacht. 

How much does it cost to rent a yacht per week? 

A weekly yacht rental will have a cost that reflects your requirements. Are you looking at an 80ft yacht, or 150ft yacht charter? Or are you planning a “bareboat” charter with no crew, but you as the captain and cook for the week? Are you planning on cruising to a lot of places, or happy to anchor nearby and not use a lot of fuel? Are you expecting top shelf alcohol and food, or happy to enjoy the food as planned and prepared by your private chef?  

All of these factors could mean that your yacht rental could cost $20,000 for the week, or over $1 million, so it’s important to talk to your trusted yacht broker about your budget and needs when booking a yacht rental or charter

Is it worth it to rent a yacht? 

While no yacht rental or charter is the same for everyone, one thing is for certain – a yacht rental puts you in the driver’s seat of your vacation. You get to choose when you pull anchor, where you go, and for how long. Unlike a villa or resort where you stay in one place, or a cruise ship where you are one of thousands, a yacht rental literally opens up a world of possibilities. Gain access to quiet bays only accessible by yacht. Head into port to explore the local sights and sounds, knowing you can escape to your private oasis whenever you want. 

So, is it worth it to rent a yacht? Well, as they say in yachting, the world is your oyster! 

luxury yacht on a pier

Looking for some inspiration for where to book your next yacht rental? Explore some of our most popular yachting destinations below


Check out our yachts for charter in Florida and the Keys here.

Fort Lauderdale 

Home to the famous Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and a mecca for the super yacht set in the Sunshine State, Fort Lauderdale has everything you could want or need on a yacht rental. Beaches galore, ample anchorages, a thriving restaurant and bar scene, and the calming Intracoastal when you want to escape it all.


It’s no secret that Florida is a yachting hub that sees thousands flock to its shorelines every year. Think of Miami as the hedonistic hub of that mecca. With late night parties, swathes of beaches and a melting pot of flavors and cultures, Miami has a little something for everyone. 

Miami Beach 

A yacht rental in Miami Beach puts you at the epicenter of everything Miami has to offer. Step off your yacht onto one of the many stretches of beach here, or head to Nikki Beach for an afternoon cocktail. Whether you want to spend your day playing in the water, or making the most of the city life, Miami Beach is a great place to achieve it all. 


If Miami is the party hub of Florida, Tampa is the more relaxed and reserved older sister. Stretches of calm, white sand beaches, relaxed bays and coves where manta rays splash and play all await you, all within easy rich of the buzz of Tampa, or historical sites of St. Petersburg. 


Long Beach 

Long Beach may be home to one of the largest container shipping ports in the USA, but once you cruise away from this, you’ll be greeted by stunning ocean views as far as the eye can see. Long Beach is nestled amongst LA and Newport Beach so you can also easily take in the sights of Long Beach on a yacht rental nearby. 

Los Angeles 

Home to celebrities, clubs, gourmet dining, beaches and so much more, your yacht rental in Los Angeles offers the perfect port to explore everything this city has to offer. Make use of the large Marina Del Rey marinas to be within walking distance of Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. 

Marina Del Rey 

Marina Del Rey is California’s yachting hub — with six yacht clubs, 19 anchorages, and space for over 5,000 vessels, Marina Del Rey puts you at the center of it all. Whether you want to take in the lights and sundowners onboard a sunset cruise, or take the yacht out on the open water, Marina Del Rey is an excellent place to start your yacht rental around southern California. 

Newport Beach 

Located just down the coast from LA, Newport Beach is a veritable yachtie’s dream escape. Newport Beach doesn’t just welcome yachts of all sizes and styles, here yachting truly is a lifestyle! Take in the soft sandy beaches or indulge in some whale watching — there’s a little bit of everything on a yacht rental in Newport Beach. 

San Diego 

With nearly 70 miles of coastline, San Diego offers year-round temperate climes, excellent activities in the city like art galleries and the famous San Diego Zoo, or just spend your day enjoying the miles of stunning beaches, or on the water surfing, swimming and playing with the jet skis. 

San Francisco 

San Francisco has yachting in its blood. A long-standing maritime and fishing heritage means San Francisco truly is best seen from the bow of your own boat. Head under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and make time to visit Sausalito Bay with its quiet moorings and charming town built into the hill. 



baby pig on Exuma, Bahamas

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Florida, the Bahamas has been a long-standing boater’s paradise. Crystal clear blue waters make for easy marine life spotting from your yacht rental or jump in the water for some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean. The Bahamas boasts tons of islands within easy cruising distance of each other, many offering privacy and seclusion away from the busy port of Nassau. 


A popular spot for vacationers, Cancun may be known as the “Las Vegas of Mexico” but it is also home to beautiful snorkeling locations, pristine beaches and rich cultural history. Cancun is an excellent place to hope on your next yacht rental in Mexico. 


With over 13 countries and an astounding 700 islands, the Caribbean offers the perfect winter escape onboard your yacht rental. Take in islands rich in history, culture and food, or make use of your time on the water by indulging in water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean’s turquoise and azure waters. 


The most popular yachting destination in the Middle East, Dubai is quickly attracting a global crowd for its fantastic weather, gourmet restaurants and world-class hotels. A yacht rental in Dubai allows you to take in the sights from the bow of your own super yacht. 

beach in Florida

For even more destinations, check out YATCO’s Sailing the Pacific Guide here or discover more off the beaten track yacht charter destinations

A yacht rental opens a world of possibilities for you and your time on the water. Gain access to quiet bays away from the crowds or cut across the waves with your yacht’s water toys. A yacht rental allows you to personalize your time on the water and spend your vacation exactly as you want to.

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