Private Yacht Charter Guide 2023

yacht charter destination, Looking to book your next private yacht charter? Consult YATCO’s Private Yacht Charter Guide for more information & guidance on the booking process.

A private yacht charter is the same as a private yacht rental or a luxury yacht charter – you rent a yacht (usually for at least a week), that is owned by someone else. You get access to their private yacht crew, all of the amenities and get to work with the captain on the itinerary. Read more about booking a private charter yacht.

What is a private yacht charter? 

A private charter yacht is when you book and rent out a private luxury yacht for one week or more. With roughly 3,000 yachts available to charter around the world, you’re sure to find the best yacht for you and your group in each destination. From choosing a private charter yacht in Miami, to Mediterranean yacht charters in Turkey, or searching for a private charter yacht in the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean, you can start your search with YATCO.

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Charter a Private Yacht Cost 

How much does it cost to charter a private yacht? 

Private charter yacht prices will fluctuate based on a few factors, as you would find on any vacation you plan to book.  

  1. Location – Different locations will have different budgets based on the time of year. 
  2. Yacht size and length – The larger the yacht, the greater the price tag. 
  3. Group size – Are you a couple or a group of 12 friends? 
  4. Time of year – Yachts follow a high and low season with the high/peak season always costing more. For more information on yacht charter seasons, please read this guide.

When starting your search for a private charter yacht cost, you’ll come across a “base price” of the yacht rental. This is the fee to book the private charter yacht for the week, and the yacht crew. On top of this, you’ll need to pay an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), which covers the cost of your food and beverages; and the fuel, local taxes and crew tip. This usually amounts to roughly 50 – 55% of the base price of the yacht charter cost. This would mean that a private charter yacht in Greece with a base price of $100,000 for the week will cost $155,000 in total. This article will help explain the yacht provisioning rates more

Depending on the above factors, you can usually charter a private yacht to suit your budget. Just bear in mind that chartering a private yacht usually refer to yachts 79ft and above so you will be looking at higher weekly rates, compared to small boat charters.  

Fo a detailed guide on private charter yacht prices, refer to the YATCO guide here. 

What is the average cost of chartering a private yacht?  

Now that we know what factors to consider when determining private yacht charter prices, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect and how to make sure the yacht you’ve chosen will be the right fit in terms of both design and style, as well as budget.  

If looking at yachts around the 100ft mark, you’re likely to find a base yacht charter cost of around $80,000 with the extras added on top of this number.

How much do you tip for a charter yacht?  

While the crew tip may be optional, most will say 10 – 20% is a fair rate to tip your private yacht crew following the exceptional level of service you are due to experience. This is 10 – 20% of the base price of the yacht charter (not the all-inclusive cost), so for a $100,000 base price yacht charter, you’d be looking at tip rates around $10 – $20k, although this is discretionary so if you feel they deserve more, it’s completely up to you! Read more about crew tips and more in our Yacht Charter Vacations Guide.

How to Charter a Private Yacht

How do I charter a private yacht?  

There’s no right or wrong way to start your private charter yacht vacation search. Some like to reach out to their trusted yacht charter broker immediately to discuss their needs and wants. Don’t have a charter yacht broker you can use already? Search for yacht charter brokers all over the world. 

While others prefer to search for destinations they would like to charter a private yacht first. If this is more your style, search the many yacht destinations here

Upon finding the right yacht for you, you will work with the yacht broker or yacht management company to sign the contract and pay your deposit. The payment breakdown is usually 50% of the total yacht rental cost (base price + extras), due up front on signing, and the remaining 50% due around one month prior to departure. 

For more information on the role of the yacht management company, please click here. 

What is included when you charter a yacht?  

When you charter a private yacht, everything onboard is included. With the base price of the yacht, and the additional charges above, the following will be completely paid for prior to your departure based on your payment instalment plans: 

  • The yacht and its private crew 
  • Fuel 
  • Local taxes 
  • Food and drinks 
  • Water toys 
  • Itinerary and cruising stops
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What isn’t included in the above? The optional yacht crew tip due at the end of the private yacht charter; although some choose to send this as part of their wire transfer to the rental yacht to be released on departure day (to avoid carrying large sums of money). In addition, any excursions or day trips on land will need to be paid for by you and your charter guests, although your yacht crew can help arrange these for you. 

Read more about the tenders and toys you can expect to have onboard your private charter yacht.

Why are yachts limited to 12 guests? 

Yacht charters are limited to 12 overnight guests (regardless of cabins available) due to the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Convention set out by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). While you may come across yachts that allow up to 36 guests, these will classified as “passenger ships” follow compliance based under the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC).   

You can read more about passenger limitations in YATCO’s Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

Best Yacht Charter Destinations: Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean and Mediterranean

If you’re trying to decide between a Mediterranean yacht charter or a Caribbean yacht charter, there is something to offer everyone, in both locations! The Caribbean is popular for those looking to escape the northern hemisphere winters, while superyachts flock to the Mediterranean in the summer months to spend their days in the warm Mediterranean Sea.

Some of the top yachting destinations in the Caribbean include: 

Other top destinations include yacht charters in Bahamas and yacht charters in Florida and the Keys.

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While in the summer months, the top yacht charters in the Eastern Mediterranean or Western Mediterranean include: 

How much is it to charter a private yacht in the Caribbean? 

Depending on the size of the yacht, the time of year, and your group size, most private charter yachts in the Caribbean will start with a base price of around $40,000 per week all the way up to $1 million or more. You can narrow down your search by putting your budget limits in YATCO’s search engine, or by discussing this with your broker.

How much is it to charter a private yacht in the Mediterranean?  

Similar to the above with yacht charters in the Caribbean, private charter yachts in the Mediterranean will usually start around $40,000 at the lower end, to luxury yachts that charter for $1 million at a base rate, with all extras added on top of this.

When you book a private yacht charter, it will be unlike any other vacation you’ve taken. With access to hidden bays and quiet anchorages not available on foot, to the private crew that will look after your every need, chartering a private yacht opens the world up to you. 

For more information, read our Luxury Yacht Rental Guide. 

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