Mediterranean Sea Boating & Yachting Guide 2023

Monaco, Mediterranean Sea Boating & Yachting Guide 2023

The Mediterranean Sea has some of the best yachting and boating destinations in the Northern Hemisphere. With historical landmarks, temperate climates, busy ports and lazy beaches, there’s a little something for everyone in the Mediterranean Sea.

Where is the Mediterranean Sea? 

The Mediterranean Sea is situated to the south of Europe, north of Africa, and west of Asia. It meets a number of other bodies of water, including the Strait of Gibraltar out to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Adriatic and Aegean Seas. 

When did the Mediterranean Sea form? 

The Mediterranean Sea is believed to have been formed nearly six million years ago during the “Zanclean flood” or “Zanclean deluge.”

The Mediterranean Sea did not connect to the Atlantic Ocean at this time and was seemingly beginning to dry up, before a mega flood poured over the mountain range, refilled it and reshaped the landscape.

Image from the Mediterranean Sea Map
Map from the Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean History 

The Mediterranean has been in existence since the 6th century BC. From Greek and Roman Empires to the luxury yachting destination and traveler’s paradise it is today, it has changed many times over in the last two thousand years.

Charter Yachts in the Eastern Mediterranean

Charter Yachts in the Western Mediterranean

How deep is the Mediterranean Sea? 

The average depth of the Mediterranean Sea is around 4,900ft (1,500m). The Calypso Deep, located in the Ionian Sea is the deepest area with a recorded depth of 3.27miles (5,267m). 

What countries border the Mediterranean Sea? 

A total of 22 countries border the Mediterranean Sea. Quite incredible for a body of water this size to touch on so many different countries, cultures and continents. Starting from the west, grouped in order of their regions, the countries with coastlines along the water body are: 

  1. Gibraltar 
  2. Spain 
  3. France 
  4. Monaco 
  5. Italy 
  6. Greece 
  7. Malta 
  8. Albania 
  9. Croatia 
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  11. Montenegro 
  12. Slovenia 
  13. Morocco 
  14. Algeria 
  15. Tunisia 
  16. Libya 
  17. Egypt 
  18. Turkey 
  19. Lebanon 
  20. Syria 
  21. Israel 
  22. Cyprus
Montenegro in the  Mediterranean
Montenegro at the Mediterranean Sea

What are the islands in the Mediterranean Sea? 

There are over 40 islands that call the Mediterranean Sea home. With places like Greece and Croatia housing a number of them, it’s no wonder this is a popular yacht charter destination. In no particular order, here are some of the main islands: 

  • Sicily 
  • Sardinia 
  • Cyprus 
  • Corsica 
  • Crete 
  • Mallorca 
  • Malta
  • Rhodes 

What are the cities on the Mediterranean Sea? 

There are roughly 15 coastal cities that are dotted along the Mediterranean Sea. These include those in Europe, Africa and Asia. A few of these cities are Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Izmir, Beirut, Tangier and Thessaloniki. 

What are the best places to visit in the Mediterranean? 

With so many possibilities, it can be hard to choose the best places to visit in the Mediterranean. However, we do have a few of our top picks – whether it’s your first time visiting the Mediterranean Sea, or tenth, here are a few places you should add to your Mediterranean bucket list: 

Santorini in the Mediterranean
Santorini at the Mediterranean Sea

Fun & Interesting Facts about the Mediterranean Sea 

With so many countries, cultures and coastlines, it’s natural to assume that the Mediterranean Sea will have a number of fun and interesting facts! Did you know that the Mediterranean Sea has a coastline of over 28,000 miles? Or that there are over 700 species of fish in her deep blue waters?

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Antoni Gaudi Art in the Mediterranean
Antoni Gaudi Art in the Mediterranean
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There’s no doubt that the Mediterranean Sea is a popular destination for yacht charters. With so many islands, cities, and ports to visit, you can spend a lifetime visiting this region and not see everything. Another popular location for yacht charters along the Mediterranean includes those ports dotted along the Adriatic Sea. Whether you’re in the market for your next yacht for sale to cruise there yourself, or want to explore yacht charters available in the Mediterranean Sea, YATCO has you covered. 

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