What are the Best Places to Visit in the Mediterranean?

Discover top destinations for yacht vacations, from East to West & beyond. Let’s explore the best places to visit in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean has long been touted as the summer playground for private yacht vacations. Before booking your trip, you might be wondering what the best places to visit in the Mediterranean are? From the east to the west, and southern tip of Europe, to northern top of Africa, there are plenty of ports to visit and towns to see. Let’s explore the best places to go in the Mediterranean. 

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Best places to visit in the Mediterranean in February?

While you may not have the balmy top temperatures you’ll find in the summer in the Mediterranean, there are still plenty of excellent places to visit in February for a bit of winter sun. For yacht charters in winter, you’ll benefit from off season rates, and significantly less crowds.

Morocco in the Mediterranean Sea
Morocco in the Mediterranean Sea

Our top picks for Mediterranean vacation spots in February include: 

  • Cyprus – A rugged island located just south of Turkey, Cyprus offers a little something of everything. From beach vacations to mountain climbs, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy both on land and on the water. 
  • Gibraltar – South of Spain and north of Morocco, Gibraltar is another island outcrop surrounded by the Mediterranean offering temperate winter climes for those looking for a little sun in February. Plenty of cultural attractions await, and February is the perfect time to spot dolphins from the bow of your yacht charter. 
  • Morocco – Not only does Morocco benefit from warmer temperatures in the winter, you’ll also enjoy a lot less crowds. Towns along the coast can be busy in the summer months, so if you’ve been thinking of visiting northern Africa, February could be the perfect time.  
  • Spain – Southern Spain in particular offers warm temperatures throughout the winter. You won’t get the high heat of summer, but you also won’t get the high crowds either. Many keep second homes in winter to escape the northern winter rain and snow for this very reason. Chartering a yacht in Spain in February will bring you sunshine, less crowds, plenty of history and culture, and amazing food (both onboard from your private chef and on land with less crowds at some of the best restaurants). 
  • Southern Italy – Arguably one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations, southern Italy is normally bustling with tourists in the summer months. Coming here in the off season means you’ll be able to mix and mingle with the locals a bit more and get a real taste of what southern Italy has to offer.
Barcelona, Spain, best placed to visit in the Mediterranean
Barcelona, Spain

Best places to visit in the Mediterranean in April? 

By springtime, the Mediterranean is gearing up for a busy season of summer yacht charters. Which is why it can be perfect to visit, ahead of the crowds! Temperatures still won’t be as high and hot as peak summer months, but they’ll be warm with plenty of sunshine, with the Mediterranean Sea already warming up for swimming and playing with water toys! Don’t miss out on: 

  • France – The south of France starts to come alive in the spring. Bright colors, calm streets and no crowds, you’re more likely to mix with locals in April than the heaving tourist summer months. Don’t miss Monaco, Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez. 
  • Greece – By April, Greece is warming up and ready to welcome tourists. Yacht charters booked during April will benefit from off-season rates and less crowds at some of the top ports and cultural attractions.
Greece in the Mediterranean Sea, Yacht Charter Greece
Greece in the Mediterranean Sea

Best places to visit in the Mediterranean in September?  

Similar to the spring, booking a yacht charter in the Mediterranean during September and the fall months will see reduced rates on yacht charters, less crowds, but with warm temperatures and the Mediterranean Sea very warm after a summer of heat. If looking for Mediterranean destinations for charter during September, take a look at: 

  • Croatia – Visiting Croatia during the fall months is nothing short of spectacular. Less crowds, more yachts to choose from, and plenty of warmth and sunshine to soak up before heading into winter. With so many islands to visit, pick a starting port of Dubrovnik or Split and hit as many islands as your Captain recommends. Discover more information on chartering a yacht in Croatia with YATCO
  • Greek Isles – The Greek isles will still be very warm in September, with many tourists done their summer travels with children back at school. An excellent opportunity to get the summer weather, without the summer crowds.
Croatia, Europe, Yacht Charter Croatia
Croatia in the Mediterranean Sea

Best places to visit in the Mediterranean in November? 

By November, the Mediterranean will be starting to cool, but there are still plenty of warm destinations for you to escape to. By this time of year, crowds will be minimal, but you’ll want to double check places on land that are open. Some attractions and restaurants may be seasonal in certain parts of the Mediterranean, so you’ll want to work with your yacht charter broker to choose the best spot. A few with temperate climates in November include: 

  • Malta – With world class diving, beautiful beaches and plenty of cultural landmarks, Malta will still have warm temperatures by November, but it won’t be the heat of the summer temperatures. You’ll have plenty of sunshine and even opportunities to dive or snorkel this time of year. 
  • Montenegro – Just down the coast from Croatia, Montenegro is an excellent choice for those looking for something a bit unique on their yacht charter. Depending on how long you’re going for, you may even be able to cruise into Croatia to see the sights there. Montenegro has the beautiful Bay of Kotor and plenty of historical sights to visit on land.
Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, Yacht Charter Malta
Malta in the Mediterranean Sea

Best places to visit in the Mediterranean in December? 

By December, most of the Mediterranean Sea will be starting to get a little chillier. It won’t be as cold as northern Europe, but if you’re looking for sun, sand and beaches, you’re better off going in the height of summer, or on the nearby shoulder seasons. Please also bear in mind that some yachts leave the Mediterranean Sea during the winter months and spend their summers in the Caribbean, so you’ll want to work with your yacht charter broker to be sure the right yacht is available in your location in December. Some warmer destinations include: 

  • Turkey – Head to the Turkish Coast for the last of the winter sun in Turkey. With locations like Antalya and Bodrum to visit, you’ll definitely be one of the few in the area so won’t have to battle the large number of tourists that flock here in the summer. Learn more about chartering a yacht in Turkey with YATCO’s guide. 
  • Southern Italy and Southern Spain – Similar to our list from February, you’ll have warm day time temperatures, but some cooler nights so pack accordingly.
Italian Coast, Mediterranean Sea, Yacht Charter Italy
Italian Coast, Mediterranean Sea

With so many countries and ports, the Mediterranean has multiple locations to offer even the most discerning of yacht charter guests. The top destinations, many already mentioned above, includes Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and Turkey. For a complete overview of a Mediterranean yacht charter, start your search with YATCO.

Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea, Yacht Charter Turkey
Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea

Explore YATCO’s Top 10 Mediterranean Yacht Charter Destinations for more information. 

Best Mediterranean places for families to visit? 

Nearly every destination listed thus far has something to offer those traveling as singles, couples, or even as a family. Certain locations in particular are great for families – these include Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain. Plenty of islands, attractions on land, warm swimming destinations and on land dining options make all of these locations excellent for families looking for Mediterranean vacation spots.

From Europe, to Africa and Asia, the Mediterranean has so many countries and ports of call for you to choose from. To start your search for yacht charters across the Mediterranean, YATCO can help you start planning.

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