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Discover Mediterranean gems from Spanish islands to Greece's sunny destinations. Join the islands in the Mediterranean adventure today!

From the Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea to Greece’s many sun-soaked destinations like Santorini – you’re sure to find many islands in the Mediterranean Sea to fall in love with. Let’s explore some of these islands now.

Santorini, islands in the Mediterranean Sea
Santorini in the Mediterranean Sea

Where is the Mediterranean Sea on a map? 

The Mediterranean Sea is located in southern Europe, between northern Africa, and west of Asia. It is nestled in between these continents, surrounded by a multitude of countries, cultures, food, landscapes and history. It’s no wonder people flock to the Mediterranean Sea during the summer months to book a yacht charter and be enchanted by one port to the next.

How deep is the Mediterranean Sea? 

The depth of the Mediterranean Sea will vary across its wide landscape. However, the average depth of the Mediterranean Sea is around 4,900ft or 1,500m. For comparison, the Atlantic Ocean has a depth of 10,930ft (3,300m) The Calypso Deep has the deepest area recorded at 3.27miles (5,267m) and is found in the Ionian Sea. 

How big is the Mediterranean Sea? 

The Mediterranean Sea spans an impressive 2.5 million square kilometers (around 970,000 square miles). Starting at the Strait of Gibraltar, with access to the Atlantic Ocean, over to Red Sea via the Suez Canal, she sits along the border of 22 countries all with their own unique and diverse histories and cultures.  

Does the Mediterranean Sea have tides? 

The Mediterranean Sea does have tides; however, they are very minimal when compared to those of an ocean. As an example, the tide in the Atlantic Ocean can vary by about one meter depending on the time of day, while the tide in the Mediterranean Sea may only fluctuate around a few centimeters. 

How many islands are in the Mediterranean Sea? 

There may be over 2,000 islands of some sort in the Mediterranean, however, most agree that around 40 of these Mediterranean islands are significant.

Croatia and Greece alone have hundreds of islands ranging in size, however, some of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean Sea include: 

  • Corfu 
  • Corsica 
  • Crete 
  • Cyprus 
  • Ibiza 
  • Mallorca 
  • Malta 
  • Mykonos 
  • Rhodes 
  • Santorini 
  • Sardinia 
  • Sicily  

What is the largest island in the Mediterranean? 

At nearly 10,000 square miles, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, followed by fellow Italian island, Sardinia at 9,300 square miles.

Sardinia, islands in the Mediterranean Sea
Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea

What are the five largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea? 

In order of largest to smallest, the five largest Mediterranean islands are Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica, and Crete.

What Italian islands are the largest in the Mediterranean area? 

Sicily and Sardinia are the largest Italian islands in the Mediterranean Sea by far compared to any other Italian islands.

Sicily, islands in the Mediterranean
Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea

Which Mediterranean Island is French territory? 

Corsica is one of the Mediterranean Sea’s largest islands and happens to be a French territory. Corsica was at one point under Italian rule before being ceded to France at the end of the 1700s. Corsica is a popular yacht charter destination thanks to the combination of beaches and mountains offering a well-rounded vacation option. 

How much to charter a yacht in the Mediterranean? 

The price to charter a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea will depend on a number of factors. 

  • Length of Yacht 
  • Length of Yacht Charter 
  • Time of Year 
  • Model of Yacht 
  • Location 
  • Extras – helicopter, personal submarine, etc. 

A good range of yacht charter prices in the Mediterranean islands start at $30,000 and can exceed $1 million for a weeklong stay. When looking at prices online, be advised that the rates listed are the base charter rates and you’ll need to add roughly 50 – 55% of the base rate to get an all-inclusive cost that includes your Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), taxes, fuel, and optional tip. So, you’ll want to keep in mind that if your budget is $300,000 for the week, you’ll want to look for a base price of around $150,000. 

To explore Western Mediterranean yacht charters, start your search. 

How much does it cost to sail the Mediterranean Islands? 

Sailing yacht charters can sometimes be cheaper than motor yacht charters, especially in places like Croatia and Greece where there are plenty of sailing yacht options to choose from.

Greece, islands in the Mediterranean
Greece in the Mediterranean Sea

On average, you may be looking at rates slightly less than the above, around $20,000 starting prices, but these can also increase to as much as $1 million as with motor yachts. 

Learn more information about yacht charters in the Eastern Mediterranean and the popular region of the Adriatic Sea.

Is it safe to sail in the Mediterranean? 

Yes, on the whole, it’s very safe to sail in the Mediterranean.

However, certain places along the border of Africa and Asia are always good to check in with the local government websites to be aware of any restrictions or warnings when traveling to these locations.  

European destinations along the Mediterranean are very safe and very popular among the yacht charter crowd.  

Start your search for a Mediterranean Sea yacht charter now.

cave in the Mediterranean Sea
Cave in the Mediterranean Sea

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