Fun Facts About the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean has been around for centuries, so it’s only natural there are many interesting facts about the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean is home to some of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world. From the rugged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to the pristine beaches of the Greek Islands, there is a diverse range of landscapes to explore. With a coastline of over 28,000 miles and sea that touches upon 22 different countries, it’s only natural there will be some fun facts about the Mediterranean Sea to uncover. Discover more of these facts now.

What is considered the Mediterranean? 

The Mediterranean is any country or area that the Mediterranean Sea touches. This encompasses countries across Europe, Africa and Asia, and a number of islands dotted around the Mediterranean Sea

How deep is the Mediterranean Sea?

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has an average depth of roughly 4,900ft (1,500m). The deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea can be found in the Calypso Deep, located in the Ionian Sea with a recorded depth of 3.27miles (5,267m).

Are there sharks in the Mediterranean Sea? 

While many people don’t associate the Mediterranean with sharks as they might in the open ocean, there actually are a few species of shark that do call this region home. Here’s a hidden fact about the Mediterranean Sea – several species of shark live here including the shortfin mako, blue shark, thresher shark, blacktip shark, hammerhead shark and even the great white shark. In fact, a total of 49 shark species have been spotted in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Is the Mediterranean Sea salty? 

Here’s another fun fact about the Mediterranean Sea – it’s actually saltier than the Atlantic Ocean. So, next time you’re floating in the Mediterranean Sea, you may notice some added buoyancy since there is approximately 36 – 38 grams of salt per liter in the Mediterranean compared to 34.9 grams of salt per liter in the Atlantic. 

Is the Mediterranean Sea warm? 

The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea will vary depending on the area you are planning to swim in.

Generally, the water will get warmer the further east you move, with temperatures ranging from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, these can dip as low as 30 degrees in the winter, and 80 degrees in the height of summer. 

How big is the Mediterranean Sea?

Mediterranean Sea map

The Mediterranean Sea occupies a total area of roughly 970,000 square miles and has a coastline of 28,000 miles

Does the Mediterranean Sea have tides? 

A surprising fact about the Mediterranean Sea is that it does in fact have tides. While the tides here won’t vary as much as they do in the ocean, they still ebb and flow in a similar fashion. Unlike larger oceans, the Mediterranean Sea will only vary by a few centimeters during high and low tide. 

Is the Mediterranean Sea rough? 

While the Mediterranean Sea won’t be as rough as larger oceans like the Atlantic and the Pacific, it can definitely get rough from time to time. While the rough waters won’t be due to tidal changes, the Mediterranean can become rough due to weather and strong winds so it’s still a good idea to plan ahead of you’re prone to seasickness or to keep an eye on the weather before heading out on the water. 

When is the Mediterranean Sea the calmest? 

Similar to the weather, the Mediterranean Sea will be calmest and best visited during the summer months.

July and August in particular are the calmest months to be on the Mediterranean. 

What river flows into the Mediterranean Sea? 

A number of rivers flow into the Mediterranean Sea. With over 28,000 mile of coastline, there is ample opportunity for rivers to flow into the larger Mediterranean Sea.

The ten largest rivers that run into the Mediterranean include the Rhone, Po, Drin-Bojana, Nile, Neretva, Ebro, Tiber, Adige, Seyhan, and Ceyhan Rivers. 

The Role of the Mediterranean Sea for Superyacht Charter 

When it comes to superyacht charters, there are two main regions that stand out. The Caribbean and the Mediterranean are certainly the most popular, and also benefit from many yachts being able to spend their summers in the Mediterranean and then cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean for the winter.

The Eastern Mediterranean and Western Mediterranean charter destinations are so popular during the summer months thanks to ideal temperatures, a number of countries in close proximity to one another, ample architecture and plenty of history and culturally rich activities to see and partake in.

From the countries, cities and islands that call the Mediterranean home, to the best places to visit while in the area, the Mediterranean is the perfect amalgamation of culture, beaches, history and fine dining. 

Top 5 Mediterranean Charter Destinations

Mediterranean Charter Destination

With so many countries and islands to choose from, you could spend a lifetime visiting the Mediterranean Sea and still not see it all. To help you narrow down your search, YATCO has compiled our top five Mediterranean countries to add to your bucket list. 

Charter Destination #1 Greece

Yacht Charter Greece
Yacht Charter Greece

No visit to the Mediterranean, especially one on a superyacht charter, would be complete without a stop in Greece and the Greek Islands. Known as the cradle of Western Civilization, Greece combines history, culture, breathtaking natural beauty, warm hospitality and effortlessly blends the old and the new, making it a captivating destination for superyacht charter guests. 

Charter Destination #2 Croatia

Yacht Charter Croatia
Yacht Charter Croatia

A once hidden gem on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has exploded in recent years as one of the hottest superyacht destinations in the Mediterranean. With sun-soaked islands, architectural ruins, 1,000 miles of coastline and over 80 islands to visit, it’s no wonder the beauty and wonder of Croatia is best seen by the bow of your own luxury yacht. 

Charter Destination #3 Italy

Yacht Charter Italy
Yacht Charter Italy

The romance of Italy is unlike any other destination in the world. With a history that spans centuries, many architectural ruins still standing, world famous food and wine, Italy also boasts nearly 5,000 miles of coastline meaning you can reach just about every corner of the country by yacht.  

Charter Destination #4 Turkey

Yacht Charter Turkey
Yacht Charter Turkey

Known as the Turquoise Coast, Turkey has seen an influx of superyacht charters flock to the Turkish coast and enjoy stunning coastlines and a veritable tapestry of history, culture, natural beauty, and unique experiences. With some of the best weather in the Mediterranean, Turkey also offers yacht charters later into the year than some of the other destinations on our list. 

Charter Destination #5 Spain & the Balearics

Yacht Charter Spain
Yacht Charter Spain

Blending the buzz of city life, the laid-back vibe of beaches and sleepy fishing villages, Spain and the Balearics has a number of experiences for everyone in your group. For a taste of the Spanish life, from Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza, each port will have a little something different to offer – yet another great reason to explore this region by yacht.

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Learning some of the facts about the Mediterranean Sea only helps to highlight what makes this region so unique. The Mediterranean is an excellent choice for the superyacht charter guest that wants to explore pristine beaches, historical landmarks, enjoy fine dining, and potentially visit a number of countries or islands all in close proximity to each other. 

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