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1902 Townsend & Downey Topsail Schooner Sailing Yacht “SHENANDOAH” – Legends of the Seas

In today’s article we will show appreciation of one of the oldest yachts in our system offered for sale today. No matter her age she presents beauty inside and out and has some interesting stories behind her. The first yacht of the Legends of the Seas Series is SHENANDOAH OF SARK. The sailing yacht has […]

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1962 Georgi Dimitrov Luxury Motor Yacht “La Sultana” – Legends of the Seas

There are hundreds of yachts which turn heads today. Some with impressive size, shape, interiors, quality or speed. However, there are not so many that can impress with history together with pretty much everything we just mentioned. The luxury motor yacht we will talk about today is a fascinating combination of history, beauty and reliability. […]

1905 George S Lawley & Sons Classic Sailing Yacht “Invader” – Legends of the Seas

Hundreds of yachts and ships have survived more than a century of existence, but not all of them can offer a story that deserves a movie made after them. In today’s article we will present you the story of the 1905 George S Lawley & Sons sailing yacht – INVADER. Throughout her life, the yacht […]

1920 Camper and Nicholson Classic Motor Yacht “Grey Mist” – Legends of the Seas

Photo Credit: Northrop & Johnson The demand for yachts has been growing, and more and more ocean lovers find beauty in sailing. No matter the big number of yachts on the market today, just a few make history like the ones surviving decades and even centuries. In this article we will take a look at […]

1904 Camper and Nicholson Classic Sailing Yacht “Merrymaid” – Legends of the Seas

Merrymaid is another gracious classic sailing yacht worth admiring. She was born in the spring of 1904 in Gosport. The fine vessel was a result of the spectacular work of the naval architect Charles Nicholson – one of the sons of Ben Nicholson who was the first generation of this family involved in the development […]

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