Cockpit Motor Yacht Buying Guide 2023

BELLA CHRISTY 2020 40' TIARA Cockpit Motor Yacht

A cockpit motor yacht is a great option for yacht owners who like flybridges and value a greater amount of space in the cockpit.

Image Source: BELLA CHRISTY 2020 40′ TIARA Motor Yacht for sale by Ralph Raulin, Worth Avenue Yachts LLC – Palm Beach

Buy a Cockpit Motor Yacht FAQ 

What is a cockpit motor yacht?

A cockpit motor yacht is similar to an aft cabin flybridge where the stateroom is located in the stern of the boat and the engines are under the salon room floor.

There is an area at the aft end of the boat where you can walk onboard, and small sets of stairs will be available to access the cabins and the helm. The extended cockpit area and elevated helm makes this yacht style popular among those interested in recreational fishing.

DanCin 1990 67' HATTERAS Cockpit Motor Yacht
DanCin 1990 67′ HATTERAS Motor Yacht for sale by Alan Learch, Allied Marine – Stuart

What is a yacht cockpit called?

The cockpit of a yacht is usually a semi-enclosed space on deck from where the boat is controlled and steered. This is usually lower than other decks such as on a sailboat or center-console motor yacht.

What is the difference between a cockpit yacht and a normal motor yacht?

While there are certain characteristics that set a cockpit motor yacht apart from other yachts; a better explanation would be to state that a cockpit motor yacht is a type of motor yacht. Motor yachts may have multiple decks, a large aft with a dining area, and equal or larger foredeck and potential beach club and tender stowage depending on the length. Whereas a cockpit motor yacht values more cockpit space than deck space.

MARY ELLEN 1990 63' VIKING Cockpit Motor Yacht
MARY ELLEN 1990 63′ VIKING Motor Yacht for sale by Mark Peck, Peck Yachts

How much does a cockpit motor yacht cost?

A cockpit motor yacht will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and therefore, offers a wide range of budgets and prices. When shopping for your next cockpit motor yacht, a great place to start is with a reputable broker who can work with you throughout the process. Some things you’ll want to keep in mind: 

  • Build – Certain shipyards will carry a higher price tag than others, as will the model of the yacht. Is it an entry level model or a fully customized yacht?  
  • Length – Obviously as the yacht’s length increases, so does the price tag. 
  • Year – Newer yachts will generally cost more than older cockpit motor yachts; however, this isn’t always the case. You can have a much older yacht from a reputable shipyard, that has been extensively refit and maintained, that can cost more than a yacht that is only a few years old but hasn’t been well maintained. 

Looking at some of the most popular cockpit motor yacht brands, a 45-foot 2000 Carver 41 motor yacht for sale in Florida right now is on the market for $200,000. Depending on the above, you can find yachts for less than this; and yachts exponentially higher.

Spirit 1993 39' CARVER Cockpit Motor Yacht
Spirit 1993 39′ CARVER Motor Yacht for sale by Gordon Burgess, American Marine Yachts

How long is a cockpit yacht?

Cockpit yachts can come in various lengths. Usually starting around 28-feet, you can start to climb in size depending on your needs. Some things to keep in mind when shopping for your next motor yacht: 

  • Guests – How many people will usually be cruising and sleeping onboard? If it’s going to be a family yacht, you will need more cabins than if you plan on using the yacht solo. 
  • Cruising – Where do you plan to use the yacht? Is it just for day trips or did you want to do some longer cruises onboard? Different yachts will be equipped for different cruising styles. 
  • Budget – Determining your budget before you start your search will help narrow options down, so you are only shopping for yachts that fit into your allotted budget.

What is the best cockpit yacht?

There are a number of reputable cockpit yacht brands on the market today so the best yacht for you may look different than the best yacht for someone else. As always, work with a trusted yacht broker, do your research and make sure you consider your goals with the yacht before purchasing.

Some of the most popular cockpit motor yacht brands on the market today are: 

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