Motor Yachts for Sale Under 100 Feet

Yachts are considered to be luxury vessels and come in all different lengths. Some yacht owners prefer to captain their own vessels, and desire motor yachts for sale under 100 feet. Search below for vessels by size, where you will find copious yachts for sale with your preferences.

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Motor Yachts Under 100 Ft Buying Guide

What Yacht Builders Build Motor Yachts for Sale Under 100 feet?

Yachts come in all sizes, however smaller yachts under 100 feet are in abundance, and make great day cruisers. Some yacht builders that construct yachts under 100 feet include Astondoa, Chris Craft, Ferretti Yachts, Pershing Yachts, Sunseeker and more.

How Much Does a 100 Foot Yacht Cost?

Not all 100-foot yachts will cost the same. These fluctuations will mainly be due to a few key factors:

  • Age
  • Condition
  • Builder
  • Location

A general rule to help you keep some rough numbers in mind is the algorithm $1 million per 3.3 feet for a new yacht. So, a brand new 100-foot yacht could cost you around $30 million. However, the resale market offers enticing possibilities, with 100ft motor yachts for sale under 100K—a fraction of the original cost, influenced by various factors.

How Fast Can a 100 Foot Yacht Go?

How fast your 100ft yacht can go will depend on similar factors to the price. The age and condition of the yacht, not to mention the engine horsepower and the condition of the motors will also affect the speed. While most 100ft yachts will reach a top speed of around 30 knots, some of the faster 100ft yachts have been known to reach top speeds of over 50 knots!

Do You Need a Crew For a 100 Foot Yacht?

Once you start looking at yachts in the 100ft range, you will definitely need a crew to help operate and navigate the yacht. Generally speaking, yachts of 70ft and up should usually have at least a captain, if not one or two additional crew members onboard. At 100ft, most owners will have two to eight crew members that will include at a minimum – a captain, a chef and a chief stewardess.

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