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Lazzara yachts was founded in 1956 by Vince Lazzara. The shipyard builds sport yachts and motor yachts in its Tampa Bay facility, while newer models are currently being built in Turkey. Read more about the history of the well-known shipyard below, and search for Lazzara yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Lazzara Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
68 Motor Yacht 2005-2009 68' 6" (20.88m) 18' 3" (5.54m) 4' 3" (1.27m)
76 Skylounge 1992-2001 77' (23.44m) 19' 1" (5.82m) 4' 6" (1.37m)
80 SC Skylounge 2003-2006 80' 7" (24.56m) 20' 1" (6.12m) 4' 6" (1.37m)
84 Motor Yacht 2006-2009 85' 3" (25.96m) 20' 1" (6.12m) 4' 6" (1.37m)
PURE ROMANCE 2007 110' (33.53m) 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
UHV 87 2021 87' (8.08m) 0' (0m) 0' (0m)

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Company History

Like so many other yacht builders before him, the founder of Lazzara Yachts wasn’t schooled in boatbuilding. He was simply someone who wanted to build his own boat.

So, Vince Lazzara, a chemical engineer in Chicago, partnered with a shipyard in Keyport, N.J., and built a 40-foot sailboat using a fiberglass process he developed. Back then, it was the largest fiberglass boat ever built. Over the next 35 years Lazzara would own and sell two highly successful boatbuilding companies – Columbia Yachts and Gulfstar. Along the way, his sons Brad and Dick joined the family business. The trio was always questioning yacht buyers, owners and other builders about what was missing in the yachting world. The conclusion became obvious: hands-on customer service and support, and here’s a real oxymoron – personalized production yachts. Lazzara Custom Yachts cruised in to fill the void.

In 1992, the first Lazzara custom yacht, the Lazzara 76, was launched. Part production, part custom, it represented the best of both: high-level personalization and the economies of large-scale production. As techniques and technology advanced, the Lazzara yachts for sale got larger, more stylish, more seaworthy and more comfortable. Innovations like the signature Skylounge Cabriolet, which turns an open flybridge into additional living space, raised the bar for other builders. Always interested in what was next (and surprising the industry), Lazzara Yachts next entered the sport yacht category in 2006.

Luxury at Every Turn

Today, Lazzara Yachts offers award-winning models in three series that range from 64-foot sport yachts to a 120-foot superyacht. The series includes: LMY, LSX and LSY. Now you might think the “L” in the model name stands for Lazzara. Current and previous owners insist it stands for luxury.

Because the sky’s the limit on customization options, no two Lazzara yachts for sale are alike. What is the same, however, is the emphasis on quality construction (world-class composite, aluminum or steel fabrication, skilled and experienced builders and strict quality control); style (sleek, elegant, confident – and always trend setting); wide-open spaces (fold-down cockpits and patio doors, fold-out balconies and flybridges that become enclosed sky lounges); gorgeous interiors (high-gloss lacquer finishes, intricate and precise joinery, custom furniture from the leading German superyacht interior company); and high-performance (Twin Volvo 1200 to Triple Volvo IPS 1350 engines with 42-knot peak speed).

Here is a partial list of Lazzara custom yachts:

  • LMY (Luxury Mega Yacht) 64, 74, 76, 80, 84, 90, 94, 106, 110, 116
  • LSX (Luxury Sport Express) 64, 67, 75, 78, 92, 95
  • LSY (Luxury Sport Yacht) 95

Shipyard Stats:

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind mega yacht that is the personification of beauty, power and, above all, luxury, check out our comprehensive yachts for sale database of Lazzara custom yachts for sale today.



Tampa, Florida


Composite, Steel or Aluminum