YATCO spoke with some of the most prolific superyacht photographers who hop on helicopters, send up their drones, and do whatever it takes to capture the shot.

Here, well-known photographer Tom Van Oossanen tells us about his career and shows us some of his best work.

How did you get your start in yachting as a photographer and what inspires you the most?

I saw my first ever yacht in 1999, and from that moment I was intrigued by the design and engineering of these ships. Soon after I bought my first camera and I photographed everything that floats or flies. Over the years, the boat-spotting hobby became more serious and after some Monaco Yacht Shows and yacht-spotting trips I started at SuperYacht Times. This gave me the opportunity to expand my network and see a lot more yachts all over the world!

I am very much inspired by design, I believe a yacht is the perfect cross between beautiful design and engineering.

The Top Superyacht Photographers, well-known photographer Tom Van Oossanen

How many years have you been a superyacht photographer?

I am now 3.5 years freelance and before that, 3 years at SYT. Long before that, I was taking photos and sold the occasional one to magazines, but professionally now just over 6 years and I love every minute of it.

The Top Superyacht Photographers, well-known photographer Tom Van Oossanen

What was your most exciting shoot and why?

Hard to choose! But my favorite one must be Black Pearl. I mean, she is Black Pearl and there is no yacht like her on the water. Seeing that one up close from the helicopter is something I won’t ever forget.


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