Sport Fishing Yacht Buying Guide 2023

Silky 2010 92' SEA FORCE IX Sport Fisherman, sport fishing yacht buying guide

If you enjoy taking your yacht into the open seas and participating in some big game fishing, a sport fishing yacht is the perfect vessel to take you there. Capable of handling all weather conditions and ample storage for any fish you wrangle in, let’s explore the many benefits and uses of sportfishing yachts.

Featured Image: Silky 2010 92′ SEA FORCE IX Sport Fisherman

What is the best size sport fishing yacht?

The best sportfishing yacht will depend on your goals for the yacht. If you simply want to take your sportfisher out on some day trips to throw a few casts and see what happens, you’ll likely be ok in a smaller sized vessel. However, in this article, we will be focusing on sportfish yachts 79ft and above, so what is possible in this size range? At 80ft, your sport fishing yacht will be able head out into most weather conditions and have a number of cabins onboard for overnight trips.  

Whether you want to cruise from Florida to the Bahamas, or even tackle a trans-Atlantic crossing, sportfishing yachts from 80 – 100ft and above would be an ideal size.

You’d also have your own small yacht crew onboard to help with navigation, so you can simply sit back and reel in your next big catch!

How big of a sport fishing yacht do you need to cross the Gulf of Mexico?  

While you can take smaller boats out on the Gulf of Mexico, most would say a sportfish yacht around 50 – 60ft would suffice crossing the Gulf of Mexico, meaning your sportfish yacht of 79ft and above, would be the perfect vessel to cross the Gulf of Mexico (and catch some fantastic fish along the way!).

How big of a sportfishing yacht do you need to go from Florida to the Bahamas? 

Similar to the above, you can cross from Florida to the Bahamas in any boat around 30 feet and above; however, you will be much more comfortable in a sportfish yacht 79ft and over. At this size, you will be less likely to feel any waves or rough waters; and be able to sit and enjoy the views while your captain does the driving.

What is the biggest sport fishing yacht?  

The biggest sportfishing yacht currently in build is by Royal Huisman who is almost ready to launch their Project 406, measuring in at an astounding 171ft, and crossing six decks of luxurious design and build technologies. 

What are the best sportfishing yacht brands?  

When looking at sport fishing yacht brands, there are a number of highly reputable and seaworthy shipyards to choose from.  

While there are a number of other noteworthy sport fishing boat companies below, they only manufacture boats, and not yachts of 79ft or higher:

What is the average speed of a sport fishing yacht?  

While the overall speed of different sportfishers will depend on the length of the yacht and the engine sizes, most will be able to reach a top speed of around 30 knots.

How fast are the fastest sportfishing yachts? 

The fastest sportfishing yacht ever built is FULL THROTTLE that topped out around 50 knots per hour

Can a sportfish yacht survive rough seas?  

Yes, most sport fishing yachts will be able to handle rough seas. As they are open on the aft by nature, you’ll want to ensure you have a sportfish yacht of a good size, to be able to withstand any and all weather that might come your way. 

How can I maintain my sportfisher?

In order to provide the best maintenance to your sportfisher, you’ll want to make sure you are taking her out of the water at least once a year to review any damages or complete any refits.

A way to get ahead of these repairs can be done through the use of protective coatings. 

Chris DiMinico, XPEL Protective Films Product Manager shares, “Maintaining your sport fishing yacht can be made easier, by applying a protective film. We suggest focusing on the areas that are most susceptible to wear, damage, and exposure to environmental elements – the hull, deck, rub rails, transom, as well as interior surfaces.”

“When selecting a protective film, choose a high-quality film like XPEL® and have it professionally installed for optimal results. Regular inspection and maintenance of the film is also necessary to ensure its continued effectiveness in preserving your sport fishing yacht’s beauty and longevity.” 

Chris DiMinico, XPEL Protective Films Product Manager

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For additional information about protecting and maintaining your yacht, visit

Can you live on a sport fishing yacht?  

When speaking about sport fishing yachts over 79ft, there will be a number of comfortable cabins onboard that will allow you to spend many weeks at a time onboard. While some choose to liveaboard full-time, you might want to look into other yacht styles that would be more spacious and allow for larger deck space, compared to a sportfish yacht. 

To learn more about liveaboard yachts, refer to YATCO’s guide here.

How much are new sport fishing yachts?

The cost of a new sport fishing yacht will usually depend on the yacht’s size and builder. As with cars, certain yacht builders will come with a higher price tag than others. As an example, a 2023 80ft Viking currently on the market costs around $10.5 million.

First Boat & Yacht Buyer Guides 

Regardless of the type of yacht you want to purchase, we’ve created the ultimate boat and yacht buyer guide to help you get started. From chartering a yacht to experience the yachting lifestyle, to why you should make your next yacht purchase with the help of YATCO, this guide will have you covered.

Sport fishing yachts help you get up close and personal to the ocean’s deepest and largest fish. Thanks to open decks, space for rods, reels and deep storage, a sportfishing yacht is the preferred vessel for most recreational anglers. With a full-time crew, and captain to worry about the navigation, you’ll be free to enjoy some of the world’s top fishing destinations. You can also find smaller models as sportfish boats for sale here.

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