Flybridge Yacht Buying Guide 2023

Ocean View 2022 108' 4" GULF CRAFT INC Motor Yacht. Read YATCO's flybridge yacht guide for boating beginners. Learn more about flybridge motor yachts and why they are popular.

One of the most popular types of motor yachts, a Flybridge Yacht (sometimes known as a Flying Bridge Yacht) is a vessel with an upper helm station on top of the superstructure. The larger the motor yacht, the bigger this space can be on board. Vessels with flybridges start in size from around 30 feet.

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Buy a Flybridge Yacht FAQ

What is a Flybridge Yacht?

A Flybridge Yacht is a vessel with a second navigation area on the ‘roof’ or above the main deck of the boat. It is typically the highest point on the boat and offers an additional level to the vessel.

The boat design of a flybridge depends on the yacht:

  • On smaller vessels, the flybridge is usually completely enclosed.
  • Whereas bigger yachts and superyachts have a larger flybridge with both an interior and exterior.
  • Some flybridges are completely open but may have a Bimini top or a partial hardtop.

Flybridges on board yachts and sportfish yachts have grown in popularity in recent years. The upper level and additional height make it an excellent feature for anglers or fishermen, as you have a better vantage point for seeing the ocean around you and spotting fish.

On larger yachts, the flybridge often has deck space that can be used as a bonus place on board for sunbathing, eating meals or even as a gym. This is hugely appealing for those who use their yachts recreationally. More yacht designers and naval architects are incorporating flybridges into vessels for this reason. The extra living space outside is one advantage to the flybridge design and the elevated location offers an excellent vantage point for enjoying the beauty of the cruising grounds.

In addition to more space on board a yacht, navigating from the flybridge can be better for boat owners or captains in inclement weather. The secondary helm station on the flybridge is often used for better visibility during storms. The flybridge offers almost 360-degree views of the surrounding water, which is especially helpful when navigating marinas or berthing the yacht.

What Yacht Builders Make Flybridge Yachts?

Many boat builders produce flybridge yachts today. Shipyards such as

all build popular flybridge yachts in a range of sizes.

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