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Company History

Established in 1966, Admiral is the flagship brand of the Italian Sea Group, and has launched 147 yachts since.

The yard began by building wooden boats, with its first launch at 59 feet (18m) long; and later, in the ‘70s, the launched the innovative 112ft (34m) MAU MAU, that boasted 4 powerful engines and achieved a top speed of 32 knots. Admiral continued to launch several yachts of the same length, pushing boundaries at at time when yachts were not much longer than 59 feet (18m). Because the company was focused on speed and safety at sea, they began to use light alloy in 1982 with the first launch at 77 feet (23.5m). With precision and innovation, the yard continues to build luxury superyachts in steel and aluminum ranging from 131 feet (40m) to 311 feet (95m), with planing, semi-displacement, and displacement hull models. Scroll below to search our yacht MLS listings for Admiral Yachts.



Marina di Carrara, Italy


Steel and Aluminum