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Baglietto Yachts is a historic Italian luxury yacht builder, specialized in light aluminum alloy superyachts starting from 35 to 50 meters in length, and steel and aluminum displacement mega yachts of over 40 meters in length.

The shipyard was founded by Pietro Baglietto, who in 1854 at the age of 13, began building lifeboats and tenders from his home in Italy. Since then, the Baglietto family continued the legacy and passion for creativity and innovation, building a company that is recognized all over the world for their regatta-winning sailing yachts, and custom luxury motor yachts. Baglietto built a superyacht for Pope Leo XIII (1906), a 45-meter superyacht Al Fahedi for the Emir of Dubai, and superyacht Chato for the renowned mathematician John von Neumann, which became the fastest motor yacht in the Mediterranean, reaching 62.5 knots during sea trials. Baglietto yachts are known for their sleek and contemporary design, which combine luxury with advanced performance.

During the First and Second World War, the shipyard became one of the Italian Navy’s leading suppliers, and today it continues to design crafts chosen by the police forces and coastguards of many countries worldwide.

Since 2012, Baglietto has been in the hands of the Gavio Family, a group of renowned Italian entrepreneurs, who has steered the company to grow and evolve in today’s modern yachting landscape. The group also acquired Cerri Cantieri Navali and the US-based Bertram yachts. Find Baglietto yachts for sale on the World’s Most Trusted MLS for Yachts and Boats for Sale.

La Spezia, Italy
Steel and Aluminum

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