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What Are Classic Sailboats?

Classic sailboats are yachts that reminiscent of a bygone era in yacht building, and stand out among the modern-day sailing yachts of today. Each classic yacht is classified as such not only because of its age, but because of its construction and detailing. There are many new yachts that have been constructed in the way of the classic sailboat, but contain modern technology. The beauty of a true classic sailboat comes from its passage through time, and if kept up through refits, can be just as stunning as a modern-day sailing yacht.

What Are The Different Types of Classic Sailboat Hulls?

Traditionally, classic sailboats feature wooden hulls and exterior decks. Because of the attention to detail, the yacht is typically elegant and features teak decks and mahogany woodwork. These classic sailboats also have detailing made of chrome, brass, and even bronze, at times. This type of detailing can come at a hefty price, but its beauty speaks for itself, and those who are fans of classic sailboats understand that you can’t put a price on such beauty.

Why Should You Buy a Classic Sailboat?

Most classic sailboat owners will tell you that the feeling of owning a piece of history is incomparable to owning a modern-day sailboat. These seaworthy vessels can cut through water differently than a steel or aluminum hull can, not to mention the history that many of them carry. Some classic sailboats have been through wars, and even hosted celebrities of their time. If you are a hopeless romantic, or simply appreciate the classic arts, then a classic sailboat is for you. YATCO has a wide variety of sailboats for sale to browse through. As the Official MLS of Yachting™, we have every vessel listed under strictly professional brokers.