How to Sell a Boat Fast – Part 1 | The Ultimate Checklist for Boat Owners

Man using cell phone in marina, How to Sell a Boat Fast - The Ultimate Checklist for Boat Owners

If you want to learn how to sell a boat fast, first you want to discover the pros and cons of selling a boat on your own or through a boat dealer or yacht broker. Please find below the ultimate checklist for boat owners on how to sell a boat fast yourself, or with the right yacht broker below.

What is the Best Way to Sell a Boat?

The best way to sell a boat is to first take inventory of your own knowledge and marketing skills. How much of an expert are you, or would you fare better knowing that someone with contacts, leverage, and marketing capability can swoop in and sell your boat faster? In either case, work through the boat seller’s checklist below to help determine the better route.

How to Sell a Boat Online or in Person Without a Boat Dealer or Yacht Broker: Eight Points to Think Through Before You Start the Process of Selling Your Boat

There are many websites that allow you to upload images and information about your boat that you have for sale, but is it worth going this route on your own?

  • Ask yourself, how much exposure will this website give me?
  • How many visitors per day does this website attain?
  • Is there a fee associated with posting your boat for sale?

All of these valid questions will lead you to a well-informed decision on whether you should trust your boat to a website or to a knowledgeable yacht broker or dealer that has years of experience selling boats and yachts.

How Hard Is It to Sell a Boat?

Selling a boat does not have to be hard, if you use the proper channels, and do your due diligence. Working with a yacht broker or boat dealer to sell your boat will give you the exposure and marketing you need to sell a boat more effectively, and with less of a headache than you would on your own.

How to Sell a Boat Fast - Part 1

How Long Does It Take to Sell a Boat?

Selling a boat in a timely manner is key. Just like a house, the longer a boat stays on the market, the more buyers wonder what could be wrong with it. Working with a yacht broker or boat dealer to sell your yacht will most likely expedite the process, given the contacts and marketing savvy that they have – after all, they have made a career out of selling and helping to purchase yachts.

How to Price a Boat to Sell?

Pricing a boat to sell is an art. Oftentimes, owners have an emotional attachment to their boat, and sentimental value can stand in the way of the boat’s true value. This is why it’s important to work alongside a yacht broker or dealer who has access to the right research and boat history. They can make an informed decision on how to price a boat to sell by taking into consideration the year of the build, wear and tear, additions and enhancements that were made to the boat, and more.

How to Safely Sell a Boat?

Selling a boat on your own would mean that you would have to meet potential buyers on your own – thereby exposing yourself to people you do not know. Safely selling a boat means using a certified dealer or licensed yacht broker who can meet potential buyers in public, at the marina or dock where the boat is being kept. To do this on your own might mean inviting strangers into your home or your life, and the risk may just not be worth it.

How to Sell a Boat on Boat Trader?

Boat Trader is a website where you can select a package, upload your boat information and “sell your boat fast”. Although they may have lots of visitors to the site, selling a boat on Boat Trader is not nearly the same as using an actual person to conduct the business of selling a boat properly. On Boat Trader, you select your package, build your own listing, and then you must watch the listing closely to see if you get any bites. Another important thing to remember in selling – it’s all in the images. If you do not have professional images of your boat, then you risk the chance of potential buyers skipping over your listing.

How to Sell a Boat Fast - Part 1

How to Sell a Boat on eBay?

Many people sell a boat on eBay because you can set a reserve and sell it on auction by receiving bids. Once again, you are responsible for taking professional photographs of your boat, which is not easy. You may want to hire a professional photographer to get the job done right, because a great picture can mean someone clicking on your listing and paying attention to your boat.

How to Sell a Boat on Facebook?

Selling a boat on Facebook is limiting, but it can be part of a layered approach in selling your boat. In other words, it can be one of many places you list your boat for sale. The reason is that you are limited to your “friends” and whether they share your post.

How to Sell a Boat on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace has lots of things for sale, including some boats, but it is a “marketplace”, meaning, it contains a hodge-podge of merchandise. It will not be the first place that potential buyers flock to, to purchase a boat. Facebook Marketplace has public listings that can be seen by just anyone on Marketplace and in the News Feed, depending on their settings.

There are many ways to try and sell a boat online, but the best way is via a broker or dealer. They have the expertise, knowledge, contacts and overall know-how to sell your boat. Browse through our list of yacht brokers in our broker finder here to help you find the best broker to help sell your boat. And don’t forget to check out part 2 of our how to sell a boat fast series.

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