Four Signs The Yacht Owner Wants To Sell A Yacht Quickly

yachts in harbor, Four Signs The Yacht Owner Wants To Sell A Yacht Quickly

Assuming whether a yacht owner wants to sell quickly his or her motor yacht or sailboat might be not so predictable, but there are a few signs that might be excellent reasons for you as a yacht buyer to make an offer at a much lower price than the asking one.

Here are four signs you should look for if you are searching for an excellent quick deal on a yacht.

#1 Great Opportunity

Often, yachts that need to be sold as quickly as possible “scream” that they have to be bought as they are a “great opportunity.” They usually have various price reductions in a short period of time and are advertised in numerous locations with teasers such as “Buy Now,” “Not to be missed,” “Owner wants to sell her now,” “Big price reduction,” and other ones in the same spirit.

#2 Signs for a Quick Deal

Whether you are buying a yacht via a yacht broker or straight from the owner, try to find out the other two signs, which would be factors for a quick deal. Many sellers put their yacht on the market because they already have a new one purchased. In the majority of cases, this means that they don’t want to have their money invested in a product which value decreases with the passing of time. They would be happy to get their money back as soon as possible.

#3 Changes in the Family

Try to have a chat with the owners or with their yacht broker to find out if there are any changes in the number of family members, the age of the owners and their kids. Some yacht owners sell because the yacht is too small for them as the number of family members increases, or it might be because a new family member is on the way or another one is going to college, and they need the finances to support their child. Whatever the reason is, it might be a good sign that the owners want to sell urgently.

#4 Pay Attention to Transparency

You should also pay attention to transparency – the honesty of the seller concerning particular issues with the boat. If the seller is not interested in getting rid of his/her boat, they wouldn’t reveal any problems from the beginning of the deal. They would slow down the process and maybe sell it to someone who might not notice the problems. However, owners who want to sell quickly are more likely, to be honest, and talk openly about any issues the vessel might have. This way, they would save time when discussing pricing, for example.

Bonus Sign

A bonus sign – back to getting to know the seller, try to determine whether the owners are moving to an area where they can’t use their yacht. That would be a good reason to push the deal.

The signs mentioned above don’t guarantee that the owners want to sell urgently, but you can give it a try and make a good deal. Open your eyes, listen, and grab the opportunity.

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