Damen Yachting Launches Second Yacht Support 53

Damen Yachting has launched their second YS53 yacht support vessel, FIVE OCEANS in Antalya, Turkey.

Damen Yachting has officially revealed FIVE OCEANS, the second in the YS53 yacht support design series. Event attendees at the launch in Antalya, Turkey were the first to view the vessel’s distinct sky-blue hull with black and orange accents, selected as a visual representation of the program’s connection to oceanic exploration and bold initiatives.

FIVE OCEANS is named after the global ocean exploratory and expeditionary company Five Oceans Global Solutions, of which yacht owner, Tommy Allen is the Founder and Director. 

The 175ft/53m large exploration and expedition yacht can carry a captain, 10 crew, and up to 8 guests. The exterior yacht design and naval architecture are credited to Damen Yachting. Owner Tommy Allen and Damen Yachting collaborated on the interior yacht design.

Damen Yachting Second Yacht Support 53

Founder and CEO of VERPEKA DOLLING Superyachts, Rob Dolling assisted Mr. Allen in acquiring the yacht, and served as project manager over the build, and will continue to manage yacht operations.

“Yacht Support, present[ed] the perfect platform for the ambitious global plans the owner has for FIVE OCEANS.” 

Rob Dolling, Founder and CEO, VERPEKA DOLLING Superyachts

While the construction of FIVE OCEANS was a clandestine endeavor, since its release, Mr. Allen has indulged the yachting community with his plan of action for the yacht’s use. The vessel is featured in episode 4 Chasing Change of Damen Yachting’s “Yacht Support Insider” series in which viewers can glimpse Allen’s passion for marine exploration and conservation through utilization of progressive technology.

Damen Yachting Commercial Executive, Jan van Hogerwou collaborated with Allen on the project since its inception and shared his pride in aiding Allen’s vision.

“We are proud to be launching this very special 53-metre Yacht Support today. YS53 FIVE OCEANS will be used to research life below the surface of our oceans, a topic and cause central to Mr. Allen’s operations and an important vision that we are honored to be contributing to with this Yacht Support platform. Seeing her out in the open and ready for the final stages of her build before her delivery just a couple of months from now is the start of something truly exciting.” 

Jan van Hogerwou, Damen Yachting Commercial Executive
Damen Yachting Second Yacht Support 53

“You can sleep on it, fly off of it and move it. For us the Yacht Support is a platform that enables us to do all the incredible things we wanted to do.”  

Tommy Allen, Yacht Owner and Founder and Director, Five Oceans Global Solutions

FIVE OCEANS will be delivered later this year.

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