Cherubini Yacht Buying Guide 2023

Find answers to all your Cherubini yacht buying questions in our 2023 guide. We answer all your frequently asked questions.

Cherubini Yachts was founded in the 1920s along the Delaware River in New Jersey by brothers, Jon and Frit Cherubini focusing on semi-custom sailboats and runabouts. They are most well known for their Cherubini 44 and 48 ketch and schooner. For more information on these classic, American made boats, read on.

Featured Image: NARWHAL 1986 56′ CHERUBINI Cruising Sailboat

Who Founded Cherubini Yachts?

Cherubini Yachts was founded by two brothers, Jon and Frit Cherubini in the 1920s who were passionate about boat building and yachting.

Is Cherubini Yachts Still in Business?

Yes, Cherubini Yachts is still in business, although they have a quieter presence online, their published number will still reach the Cherubini team.

METEOR 1977 50′ CHERUBINI Cruising Sailboat

What Types of Yachts Does Cherubini Build in New Jersey?

Cherubini Yachts is known for a number of yacht models. Their sailboat models include: 

  • Cherubini 48 Staysail  
  • Schooner and 44 Ketch 

While their runabout models include: 

  • Classic 20 
  • Classic 24 
  • 255 Sport Cruiser 
  • The Floridian 
  • The Veloce 
  • The T20 Yacht Tender 
Cherubini 2013 2013 27′ CHERUBINI Boat

How Much is a Cherubini 44 Yacht?

The Cherubini 44 was first introduced in 1977 with a 30th anniversary model relaunched in 2007. The price of a brand-new Cherubini 44 is well over a million dollars once outfitted with sails and electronics. However, you can likely find a used Cherubini 44 for roughly $250,000 and up. As you can tell, Cherubini Yachts have a tendency to maintain some value even many years on.

What makes Cherubini Yachts special?

Cherubini Yachts are world-renowned for their high performance, elegance, and quality. These yachts are custom made to order and the team works closely with their clients to create the ultimate boat of their dreams. Cherubini Yachts have won numerous accolades over the years for their classic design, spacious cockpit, technological advancements and noteworthy seaworthiness.

Cherubini Yachts is a well-known American yacht builder that designs and builds semi-custom sailboats and runabouts with beautiful attention to detail. For a list of Cherubini Yachts currently for sale on, please click here. 

Victoria 1983 48′ CHERUBINI Schooner

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