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Established in 1969 in Hollywood, California by Frank Butler, Catalina yachts has manufactured about 60,000 sailboats to date. With one of the highest percentages of repeat clients in the market, the company builds high-performance, incredibly comfortable sailboats with a shallow draft. Find your dream Catalina yacht for sale below.

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Catalina Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
34 1993-2003 33' 9" (10.29m) 13' (3.96m) 3' 4" (1.02m)
CATALINA 425 2024 43' 6" (13.26m) 0' (0m) 0' (0m)

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Company History

Ask Frank Butler what he’s most proud of about the Catalina yacht company he founded in 1969 in Hollywood, California, and he doesn’t mention awards (although he has a boatload) or brag about the 60,000 Catalina sailboats manufactured to date.

He cites one statistic: Catalina Yachts has one of the highest percentages of repeat customers in the industry.

Building Incredibly Comfortable, High-Performing Sailboats

That’s because aside from building incredibly comfortable, high-performing, shallow draft sailboats that are easy to maintain, Frank and his boat-builder team also put a good deal of time and effort into building long-term relationships with their customers and dealers. The company’s success is a byproduct of that collaboration. By listening to active owners over the last five decades, Catalina yacht company has added new features they suggested and kept the ones they loved. The result: heightened sailing experiences, increased customer loyalty and higher resale value.

From the handcrafted 8-27-ft. sporty day sailors and roomy, systems-rich 31-35-ft. cruisers to the serious, well-balanced 38-44-ft. ocean-going yachts and the magnificent, seaworthy Flagship 545 (51+ ft.), the U.S.-based company has a reputation for building strong, safe, intelligently designed fiberglass-hulled (mono, displacement and deep-V) sailboats.

Largest Sailboat Production Facility in America

In 1984, Catalina Yachts acquired Morgan Yachts and relocated its manufacturing facility to Largo, Florida. With 275,000 square feet, including eight buildings, the 26.5-acre Largo plant is one of the largest sailboat production facilities in America. In 1998, Gerry Douglas, the company’s award-winning chief designer and marine engineer, was named Vice President and a partner in the company.

Thousands of sailboats later, Catalina yacht company is still regarded as one of America’s top brands. In fact, its most recent model – the 51-ft. Catalina 545 – was named Cruising World’s Boat of the Year for 2020.

Shipyard Stats:

  • Founder: Frank Butler
  • Size: 8 to 55+ feet
  • Type: Sailboats (racing, cruising, ocean-going)
  • Model: Sports series (8-27 ft.); Cruisers (38-44 ft.); Yachts (55+ ft.)

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Largo, Florida


Fiberglass, Mono-Hull, Displacement, and Deep-V