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Performance sailboats are elite sailing vessels built with the latest high tech and ability to cruise at fast speeds. Find your next performance sailboat here.

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Performance Sailboat Buying Guide

What Is a Performance Sailboat?

A performance sailboat is one built for speed and performance over cruising and comfort. Performance speed boats are designed with high tech equipment, with many of the best performance sailboats going on to sail in races like the America’s Cup. Performance sailboats are popular choices for both day cruising and racing, with a wide range of design classes and sail areas.

What is the Difference Between a Performance Sailboat and a Racing Sailboat?

A performance sailboat may be built for speed, but it can also be built for long cruising, at higher speeds. They’ll have large hulls, a cockpit area for navigation, and potentially some cabins. However, a proper racing sailboat will usually be built of carbon fiber, or other lightweight material and have minimal lounge areas or cabin space to make the performance cruiser as fast as possible.

What is the Fastest Type of Sailboat?

The fastest type of sailboat is a specialized performance boat that has been clocked going over 65 knots.

What is the Most Popular Sailboat in Racing?

While the type of races, regattas and design classes will dictate the type of boat and its popularity; overall, the J Class yachts, and Laser dinghy style sailboats are popular models in their classes. The best performance cruising sailboat will depend on which races you plan to enter and whether or not you’d also like to use the yacht for day cruising and racing.

How Much Does a Professional Performance Sailboat Cost?

Depending on the length of professional performance sailboat you are looking at and the model, builder and condition, you could be looking at a price range of around $50,000 to over $10 million. The best performance cruiser sailboats are designed to give owners the best performance cruiser, while offering a swift speed boat for both their day cruising and racing needs.

How Much Does a 50ft Performance Sailboat Cost?

The price of a 50ft high performance sailboat will depend on a few things:

  • Age – Is it a newer high-performance cruiser or an older model in need of some work?
  • Condition – Is the sailboat race ready with high tech equipment and high-performance sails ready to go?
  • Builder – Different builders and design classes will carry different price tags. Depending on how the boats are designed, they may be race ready with plenty of sail area.
  • Sails – Does your performance cruiser come with high performance sails, or will you need to buy new ones to achieve your racing goals?
  • Rudder type – Do you have a single rudder or the new twin rudders that are gaining popularity thanks to the control over the performance sailing boat when heeling.

As an example, the best performance cruising sailboats currently for sale on will cost around $400,000.

What Is a Good Speed for a Performance Sailboat?

The best performance cruiser sailboats might achieve a high speed of 15 knots, while those performance cruisers more suited toward day cruising and racing might cruise around 7 knots. Twin rudders help here in order to achieve the best performance cruising sailboats reach top speeds while heeling at a greater range and capitalizing on the wind conditions.

How Fast Do Performance Sailboats Go in Mph?

The best performance sailboats will achieve a top speed of around 17 miles per hour. While the fastest sailing speed boats have been able to achieve an impressive 74 mph. So, it’s not just speed boats that can help you fulfil your need for speed!

Do Longer Performance Sailboats Go Faster?

Longer high-performance sailing yachts will usually go faster for a couple of reasons. Large performance sailing speed boats have a larger sail area, and longer hull to propel them forwards. Larger boats are designed with high-tech equipment in mind as they often require greater attention to detail when under sail.

Whether you’re looking for the best performance cruiser sailboats with twin rudders or single, and for your day cruising and racing needs, start your search with YATCO.