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Atlante Yachts are multi-award-winning Italian yacht design firm, product development, project management, and maritime consultancy offering a complete yacht owning experience from beginning to end. Your yacht is our pride and protecting the interest of your investment, your desires and wishes is our primary driven force.

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Company History

What we offer is beyond design, beyond building and crafting, beyond selling and brokerage. What we offer is the complete yacht owning experience. We like to think at Atlante Yachts as the ‘Yacht’s owner dream service’ conceived and developed as a response to many superyacht owners’ demand of having a unique and hyper efficient team, able to streamline the process of design, engineering, construction and management.

Classic Yacht Model

Our impressive range of models includes the Classic with three sizes available – the 30m, 35m and 37m. The Classic draws on a heritage inspired by decades of Italian “Navetta” style gentleman’s yachts, the Classic range of steel and aluminum cruising superyachts are the modern interpretation.

Levante Yacht Model

Next up is the Levante, a true explorer yacht built-in high-grade steel and aluminum, optimized to be operational for long periods of time many miles from home. She is available in two sizes – the 33m and 37m. 

Mistral Yacht Model

The Mistral is the largest model in our range and comes in a 41m fast displacement superyacht designed for a modern and dynamic yachting lifestyle that is both informal and elegant and where interaction with the sea is paramount. Fast, illuminated and spacious, the Mistral Series onboard environment creates a new experience of life on the water.

The Future of Yacht Design

Building a yacht is a long-term project and a major investment. Our team of experts will help you to articulate your vision and put together a comprehensive and thorough brief to create the perfect yacht for you. To bring your wishes and dreams to reality you will have at your disposal a dynamic international team, featuring award winning Italian yacht exterior and interior designers and Dutch naval architects, working together in absolute harmony. The client inspires, the designers and engineers express, and the shipyard forms, all driven by the pursuit of perfection. 

Atlante Yachts aim to provide yacht owners with a total new build service all the way from design, engineering, contract terms and specification, all the way to construction supervision, delivery, after sales and ownership and were conceived and developed as a response to many superyacht owners’ demand of having a unique and efficient new construction team, able to offer a streamlined process working always in the interests of the buyer.

Shipyard Stats

  • Yacht Types: Fast Displacement, Explorer Yachts 
  • Yacht Sizes from and to: 100ft (30.5m) – 137.5ft (41.9m) 
  • Models, if any: Classic 30, Classic 35, Classic 37, Levante 33, Levante 37, Mistral 41 

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Trieste, Italy


Steel, Aluminum