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What is a Motorsailer Yacht?

A motorsailer yacht is a vessel that can be powered equally by either motor or sails, in its broadest terms. At its basic, it gives you more options — if there’s a lack of wind, the engines allow you to continue on your way without interruption. If you combine both sail and engine power, a motorsailer can attain decent speeds. The hybrid vessel is sometimes perceived as not performing as well under sail as a traditional sailing yacht, and also not as well under power as a pure motor yacht, but most maintain that the boat is built to sail well. A motorsailer can be a heavy vessel due to its usually larger engine and its fuel-carrying needs and can range in size from an average of 30 feet and up. Nobiskrug’s 142.8-meter Sailing Yacht A, which bills itself as a “sail-assisted motor yacht,” could technically be considered a motorsailer.

What Are Motorsailer Yachts Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

A motorsailer is constructed from a range of materials, including fiberglass, steel, aluminum, composites, or wood. Most motorsailers have displacement hulls, meaning the deeper draft offers more stability and better seakeeping abilities than other alternatives. As a sailing yacht hull form, various keel options are possible.

Why Should You Buy a Motorsailer Yacht?

You should buy a motorsailer yacht if you’re looking to find a boat that allows you to indulge your enjoyment of sailing, with a larger engine as backup. Perhaps you’re not a traditionalist in the true sense of the word, but the boat would allow you to get out on the water and enjoy the experience, whether under sail or power. Or conversely, if you’re feeling lazy and aren’t in the mood to raise the sails, you can still keep moving with the start of the engine. These types of vessels tend to be very stable and are more spacious than the average sailing yacht, so the living space down below can be a substantial benefit if you’re spending a lot of time on board. They’re comfortable on the water and the faster travel times that come from using a combination of sail and motor may be a big plus for your needs.

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