The Future of Yachting – Steven Myers, Founder & CEO of YATCO, Speaks with Bill Thomas of The New Yachtsman 

In these videos, Bill Thomas of The New Yachtsman interviews Steven Myers, Founder & CEO of YATCO, about the future of yachting. Watch here.

Listen to how YATCO is pivoting to mobile first, as the younger generation is expecting more mobile technologies. Additionally, Bill Thomas comments on how robust is, and Steve reveals how the central agent is so vital to purchasing yachts as they are the definitive, reliable source. Steve mentions how there are many ghost listings out there, and how it’s imperative to offer exclusive listings only, as open listings only cause confusion for the yacht buyer. With more tools and functionality, YATCO is swiftly moving toward the consumer marketplace. Steve Myers iterates that exciting new tools will be revealed in the months ahead for the yacht consumer. Learn more below in this deep-diving interview with The New Yachtsman.

YATCO continues to serve the best interests of its professional members and the global yachting industry while also providing yachting enthusiasts with a real-time, accurate database of yachts. visitors can search confidently, knowing the yachts they are viewing are represented by true professionals and actual sellers.

3-Part Interview Video Series with Bill Thomas, The New Yachtsman

Video Part #1

Video Part #2

Video Part #3

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YATCO thanks Bill Thomas of The New Yachtsman podcast for the opportunity to speak on the latest trends in the yachting industry, and the instrumental growth of YATCO.

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