Whether you want to buy or charter a yacht, it means that you love boating and you love the water. However, the decision on getting involved in a serious relationship with a yacht by purchasing one depends on what you want to experience, what your budget is, what size and type of yacht you are interested in, how often you would use it, and what you want to get out of it.

So what do you want to experience? Are you on the market for a small weekend cruiser or a 7-8 meter center console fishing boat or you are looking for a boat above 20m? If you are looking for a small boat, it would probably make sense to buy one as the chances to use it are often. However, if you are searching for a bigger yacht you should consider all the expenses that come with owning one. You need to think of berthing expenses, area of use, crew to take care of the vessel, higher fuel burn, and higher maintenance costs. Are you going to be able to cover the expenses?

It is a good idea to realistically give yourself an answer how often you would actually use your yacht. This can be the key to determine if maintenance and the additional expenses justifies purchasing. With this choice, you would always have a yacht to use at your convenience, a vessel which is what you exactly want and have made it your own, and your home on the water. If you can afford it, owning a yacht is not only convenient but is also a matter of showing status. On the other hand, from a practical and financial point of view, if you don’t use the yacht, it doesn’t make sense to keep the vessel because it is just an additional expense.

If you plan on going on board two or three times a year chartering a yacht would be a good option to consider. There are thousands of yacht of all sizes and types offered for charter today. With the larger yachts, the weekly rates can be intimidating, but once you think of the actual price of the yacht and all the costs for maintenance, crew, mooring, etc.; the weekly price for renting is understandable. When chartering a yacht, you buy a vacation – a good charter would bring you excellence, a care-free experience, everything you need without worrying about hiring a crew, checking the technical condition of the yacht or anything else related to guaranteeing secure trip. However, this is a matter of individual choices and perceptions, so whatever decision you make, it will be the best for you!

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