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Founded by Alex Lipworth, a man in search of the ideal center console fishing boat, Invincible Boats’ beginning starts like many other boat yards. The founder was seeking fast, reliable, and sturdy fishing boats and since he could not find what he was looking for, he started his own shipyard. After partnering with naval architect Michael Peters, he was able to start building the ideal center console, one that was smooth in rough seas, and one that offered the fishing enthusiast everything he or she needs for that next great catch. Search below for Invincible boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Invincible Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
33 Open 2015-2020 32' 10" (10.01m) 9' 7" (2.92m) 1' 4" (0.41m)
36 Open 2007-2020 36' 9" (11.18m) 10' (3.05m) 2' 3" (0.66m)
39 Open 2015-2020 39' 3" (11.94m) 11' (3.35m) 2' 4" (0.71m)
42 Open 2012-2020 42' 9" (13.03m) 11' 7" (3.53m) 2' 9" (0.81m)

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Company History

This boat story begins like many others, where the owner of the company, Alex Lipworth, could not find what he was looking for in fishing boats, so he sought out to build his own.

This particular owner was looking for a fast, tough, and smooth center console yacht with which to fish, and so he partnered with renowned naval architect Michael Peters to do so.

He patented the Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT), in 2006. Naval architect Michael Peters and his team have degrees in naval architecture, yacht design, and engineering, They are highly adept at designing and creating fast boats, as can be seen in the Invincible models.

“Built with the vacuum-bagged infusion process, and a diamond-patterned non-skid decks, these sport fishing boats are thoughtfully sourced and expertly built. After such success, the company ventured into catamaran center consoles by partnering with naval architects Morrelli & Melvin – Olympians and retired competitive sailors.”

The company has considered everything in building its high-quality sport fishing boats and has been working with the top naval architects and engineers to produce high-quality that only true sportfishermen can appreciate.

Below, please find more information on what Invincible offers, including the 40 Catamaran, the 36 Open, and the 39 Open Fisherman. 

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Invincible Boat Model Series


The 40’ Catamaran built by Invincible was originally launched in 2017 and is a great fishing boat for saltwater fishing. The 40 Catamaran is the first sport fishing yacht to employ Morelli & Melvin’s hybrid, semi-asymmetrical design that affords this Invincible 40 such high performance and superior handling for a power catamaran. It features speed, space, and range to transport you and your crew under any sea conditions. 


The 36 Open Fisherman that Invincible offers is a fishing machine that will transport you to the open seas in any condition. Superior in saltwater fishing, this is the Invincible vessel that started it all, and remains to be the utmost innovative in her class. Thrive in her roomy decks and high performance in a simple-to-use package that offers the flexibility of a twin or triple engine arrangement, brought you by the Invincible Boat Company.  


Invincible offers the 39 Open Fisherman, which is a “serious boat for serious anglers” who love saltwater fishing. As the Invincible Boat Company’s most admired model, the 39 Open Fisherman offers a smooth ride, long range, speed and comfort – all of the amenities that an avid fisherman seeks in a fishing vessel. All the details of this boat have been purposely engineered for these ideals. The boat is flexible, and can offer families the fun they seek, while giving the serious angler everything he or she needs.  


Invincible offers top-notch fishing machines including power catamarans and monohulled fast sport fishing yachts. The largest power catamaran that Invincible offers is the 46 Catamaran, which altered the launch of the speedy catamaran and took it to a new level. With extraordinary size, range, and amenities to hold everything necessary for a successful fishing machine, she is a go-anywhere high-performance yacht. With quad outboard engines, she is designed to effectively provide speed and fishability. 

“The Invincible Boat Company thrives on creating the utmost in fishing machines, whether that is in a catamaran or monohulled format. They never settle for anything, and pair up with the top naval architects and engineers around the world to bring you the ultimate in sport fishing vessels.”

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Alex Lipworth
  • Type: Center console boats
  • Model: Mono-Hulls – 33ft Open Fisherman, 36ft Open Fisherman, 39ft Open Fisherman, and 43ft Open Fisherman; Catamarans – 33ft Catamaran, 35ft Catamaran, 37ft Catamaran, 40ft Catamaran, 46ft Catamaran, and 46ft Pilothouse.

The Invincible Boat Company builds boats that come out of the hole quicker, smoother, and gets on plane faster. They have revolutionized the fishing boats category altogether and have developed a reputation for constructing strong, reliable, and fast vessels. 



Miami, Florida