Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2023 Recap

The 62nd annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show wrapped up on December 9, 2023, following six exciting and powerful days under the sun in Antigua. Focusing on showcasing the hottest luxury charter yachts, the event brings together yacht charter brokers, industry professionals, captains and crew to learn more about what charter yachts are available for the upcoming season and to learn a bit more about the yachts and their crew. 

Director of Charter, Mike Hutton was on the ground for the show and shared his insights: “The Antigua show was an amazing show, great to see it back to how it was before COVID-19. The welcome party at Clarence House was a stunning event, looking over Nelson’s Dockyard. Year on year, the charter yachts are getting bigger and bigger, it was great to welcome back charter favorites like MALTESE FALCON, HATT MILL, CUPCAKE and HYPERION.” 

Hutton also shares some of the standout yachts at the show: SURI, simply stunning yacht as it is and great to see every one of the crew has a passion for being onboard. EMERALD might be an older yacht built back in 1990, but the refit that finished this year is outstanding, done with chartering in mind, complete with amazing crew. HYPERION is another older yacht, but has been amazingly well maintained, refitted and updated meticulously with a fantastic crew. CUPCAKE comes with an energetic and great crew, is a highly reputable charter boat and based year-round in the Caribbean.”

23rd annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show Concours de Chef and Tablescaping Competitions
23rd annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show Concours de Chef and Tablescaping Competitions

Alongside yacht viewings, industry seminars, networking opportunities and a sail day, there was the 23rd annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show Concours de Chef and Tablescaping Competitions to partake in. The event has gained notoriety for chefs and crew flocking to the event to showcase their talents, this year coordinated by Chef Elizabeth Lee with a focus on global inspirations with an emphasis on sustainable products.

“Coordinating the Antigua Charter Yacht Show’s Concours de Chef and Tablescaping Competitions is a phenomenal honor. This year we had 29 yachts compete in this prestigious event, each showcasing immense talent from their charter crews. 

The competition level was very high with many gifted chefs and interior crew members collaborating to impress our discerning judges. While only a few yachts and their crew could take home the coveted awards, I want to emphasize that the competition is not the sole arbiter of one’s talent and potential. Interpreting the theme incorporating the secret ingredient while balancing taste and presentation is a significant creative challenge. All chefs and crew demonstrated wonderful abilities regardless of final placement. 

As the coordinator of this exciting event, it was deeply rewarding to facilitate such an exceptional display of fine cuisine and design from top charter yachts. I applaud all the 2023 participants and hope to see these and even more skilled yacht crews take part again next year.” 

Chef Elizabeth Lee

For a complete list of this year’s winners, please refer to the Antigua Charter Yacht Show website. 

As an official partner of the show, YATCO created their Antigua Charter Yacht Show SHOWBOOK with a list of all 62 yachts on display at the show. To view the yachts that were in the area, please visit the Antigua Charter Yacht Show YATCO SHOWBOOK

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