171 Yachts for Sale Are Featured In The Miami Edition Of The 2021 YATCO Online Showlist

171 Yachts for Sale - Miami 2021 Edition YATCO Showlist

Image: M/Y NAMASTE, available for sale with Ralph Navarro from Florida Yachts International.

YATCO, the Official MLS of YachtingTM recently released the 2021 Miami Edition of its YATCO ONLINE SHOWLIST, displaying more than 100 yachts physically located and available for sale today in the city. The digital publication features a large selection of new and used luxury yachts listed by the yachting industry’s leading professionals.

Steven Myers, founder and CEO of YATCO says, “YATCO is committed to providing the world’s most professional, accurate, and comprehensive guide of luxury yachts for sale through its YATCO ONLINE SHOWLIST.”

Although this year’s Miami Yacht Show was canceled, YATCO brought this event to consumers worldwide through its YATCO ONLINE SHOWLIST designed for today’s yachting enthusiasts.

The Complete Guide For Potential Yacht Buyers in Miami

The YATCO ONLINE SHOWLIST was carefully crafted to display detailed information on all active central listings of new and used yachts for sale in Miami, serving as a guide for potential buyers interested in acquiring a vessel in the city.

A total of 171 yachts worth more than 295 million dollars are featured in the 2021 Miami Edition of the YATCO ONLINE SHOWLIST, ranging from 21 to 180 feet in length. There are various world-renowned shipyards for every luxury yacht type mentioned in the digital publication, including Benetti, Ferretti, Pershing, Princess Yachts, Sunseeker, Viking, and many more.

Founder and CEO of YATCO, Steven Myers says, “Our YATCO ONLINE SHOWLIST enables readers from around the world to view the yachts listed by our professional members, at their leisure.”

YATCO members showcased in the digital book adhere to a strict set of professional standards, and YATCO has worked hard to ensure an accurate and trusted data source for almost 20 years. As a result, readers can explore and buy yachts with the confidence of knowing they are receiving pure and accurate information from the market.

They can also search the online marketplace anytime at www.YATCO.com for real-time updates, complete specifications, contact details, and much more.



YATCO, The Official MLS of YachtingTM, is the sole online service dedicated exclusively to central listings by qualified professionals only with over 20 years in the yachts for sale marketplace. With over $30 billion in yachts for sale, the company supports more than 2,000 professional yacht brokers and facilitates over $5 billion a year in sold vessel transactions through its proprietary YATCO BOSS (Back Office Software Solution). Committed to 100% pure data, YATCO serves the professional yachting community with accuracy, integrity, and cutting-edge technology.

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