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Cruiser boats make excellent day or overnight cruising vessels and can get you where you need to be fast and in comfort and style. Search below for these reliable boats for sale by location, price, size, brand and more.

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What Are Cruiser Boats?

Cabin Cruiser boats are for owners who wish to travel long distances or live onboard their yacht indefinitely. They have many comforts but are still known to have minimal accessories since weight can bear a factor in the expenses of upkeep and crew numbers. They typically have a small crew, which allows the owners to be the sole occupants of the vessel or give the owner the feeling of being unencumbered with a lot of crew members. Read on to see if a cabin cruiser boat is the right fit for your boating lifestyle.

Cabin cruisers are remarkable for their ability to be comfortable. If the yacht has a sail, it performs well under many conditions, because it is made to resist capsizing. Owing to the length of the voyages that a cruising yacht takes, the living quarters are comfortable and large enough to accommodate guests if so desired.

What is the Cruiser Boat Construction and Hull Design Made of?

The build of a cabin cruiser boat is different depending on the build of its underbody. There are five main types. A skeg protected rudder is popular for cruising. A partial-skeg rudder allows for a tougher rudder that can handle three bearings, versus the usual two bearings. A modern cutaway full keel is ideal for cruising in secluded spots where a port is far away, allowing for cuts or scrapes to happen without immobilizing the yacht. A fin keel/spade rudder is best for speed and quick turns and is also relatively inexpensive. A heavy displacement, full-keeled, double-enders is the oldest style built. It is slower than the other forms, but it is still graceful in its own way. Under the cruiser boat header is also a number of styles – day boats, express cruisers, runabouts, pontoon boats and more.

Cruiser Boat Details

The easy maintenance and affordability that a cabin cruiser boat offers are desirable for owners who want to keep to a budget and enjoy a comfortable boating lifestyle. However, having a budget does not mean that foundational attributes are thrown away. They are seaworthy, environmentally friendly, and their performance is unmatched with the amount of equipment onboard. They have storage to carry the necessities such as extra sails, anchors, and fuel.

A cruiser boat is a one-of-a-kind vessel. Finding your dream cruising yacht is made easy with the hundreds of listings and the unique search features found on YATCO, The Official MLS of Yachting™.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Cruiser?

Cabin Cruisers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles so the prices will reflect that. If you’re looking within a certain budget, you’ll want to discuss some of the key factors below with your yacht broker:

  • Length – A 37ft Sea Ray will cost less than a 42 Cantius cabin cruiser, and a 60 Cantius cruiser will cost even more; however, certain refits, upgrades and condition of the yacht will affect the final price as well. Comparing overnight cabin cruisers to day boats will also affect price.
  • Builder – Regardless of the type of cruiser you want – deep sea fishing boat, day boat, express cruiser, Sea Ray speed boat, or comfortable 60 Cantius for long distance cruising – different builders will carry their own reputation and price ranges.
  • Year of Build – Usually, newer boats will carry a higher price tag. However, if an older model has been meticulously maintained or comes with unique extras like deep sea fishing equipment, or items for water activities, the price tag could be greater.
  • Use – What is the right cruiser for your boating lifestyle? Is a 46 Cantius the right boat for you for longer distance cruising? Or would a smaller Sea Ray sport boat fit your style better?

How Much Does a 35ft Cabin Cruiser Cost?

Bearing in mind the above factors, a 35ft cabin cruiser boat could cost as low as $80,000 to upwards of $500,000 and over depending on the make, model and year of build.

Can You Live in a Cabin Cruiser Boat?

Depending on the boating lifestyle you’d like to achieve, many cabin cruiser boats have the ability to liveaboard. Day boats like pontoons will obviously not be able to accommodate overnight stays, however, a number of cabin cruisers can help create a floating oasis as your full-time home.

If living onboard permanently is important to you, you should be looking at larger yachts of around 40ft and above. The 60 Cantius is an excellent example of a cabin cruiser that isn’t too large, most can still operate themselves (without the need for a captain or crew), while providing comfortable living spaces onboard. While the name might fool you, express cruisers often come with roomy cabins to allow for extended periods spent onboard as well.

Does a Cabin Cruiser Have a Bathroom?

Depending on the size of your cabin cruiser, most will come with a bathroom, even if it’s a small portable toilet. Smaller cruisers and day boats may not come with this option, so please be open with your yacht broker before you begin your yacht search to ensure they are finding the best yacht for your needs both on board and off with any water activities you’d like to enjoy while on board.

How Many People Does a Cabin Cruiser Sleep?

As with all yachts, a cabin cruiser can sleep as little as one person to up to 12. Due to SOLAS regulations, 12 people is the maximum most cabin cruisers will legally be allowed to sleep onboard. If you require more than this, you’re in commercially flagged yacht territory, which your broker will be more than happy to help navigate with you. The larger end of 80ft and above yachts will accommodate the larger guest numbers, while many will be happy with the three cabins on a 46 Cantius.

Can You Cross the Atlantic in a Cabin Cruiser?

Given the wide range of sizes and accessibility of a cabin cruiser, they make excellent choices for crossing the Atlantic. From comfortable sleeping cabins, large galleys and the ability to go deep sea fishing on route or kill time with some fun water activities, cabin cruisers of 35ft and above could easily take you across the Atlantic.

What Is the Fuel Mileage for a Cabin Cruiser?

Not all cabin cruisers will come with the same fuel mileage. Depending on the length of the boat, the speed traveling and sea conditions, the fuel mileage per gallon will vary. For example, a 42 Cantius will burn 33.5 gallons per hour traveling at 26.7 knots at 3400 rpm for a total range of 214.8nm before needing to refuel.

Are Cabin Cruisers Seaworthy?

Since there are a number of cabin cruisers on the market today, it’s hard to use a blanket statement that they are all seaworthy. Most will have the safety of traveling on day trips and knowing they are sturdy and can trust their seaworthiness. Where the grey area comes from is what your plans are while onboard. Do you just want to be able to take a pontoon boat out for some day trips with friends and family? Or do you want to do some deep sea fishing or even cross the Atlantic Ocean with your cabin cruiser? In which case, you’ll be looking at hulls with sturdier hull construction, the ability to weather all storms and waves, and a roomy interior living space to make your journey as comfortable as can be.

What Size Cabin Cruiser Do I Need?

Depending on your goals or the boating lifestyle you’re hoping to achieve, your size needs will differ to someone else. If you’re looking for a mid-range cabin cruiser, a 37ft Sea Ray, or 42 Cantius, and even the 46 Cantius can be excellent places to start. However, if a larger cabin cruiser would fit better, a 108ft Benetti could truly let you cruise the world in style, complete with your own captain and crew!