414' 1" (126.21m)

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2003 414' 1" LURSSEN Motor Yacht Twin Screw Displacement Yacht Marseille France
€235,000,000 EUR

The 2003 414' 1" LURSSEN Twin Screw Displacement Yacht Displacement Motor Yacht OCTOPUS is a yacht for sale located in Marseille, France.

The iconic OCTOPUS is one of the world’s premier large yachts and is in fantastic condition with a new paint job and 15 year class surveys just completed. She was delivered in 2003 and is 9,932 GT, with everything expected of a “go anywhere” global explorer yacht including swimming pool, submarine, ice class certification, and 2 helicopter landing pads with garage for both helicopters.

Contact the yacht broker to receive more information or schedule a showing of this 2003 414' 1" LURSSEN Twin Screw Displacement Yacht Motor Yacht Displacement OCTOPUS yacht for sale in Marseille, France today!

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LENGTH 414' 1" (126.21m)
ASKING PRICE €235,000,000 EUR
BUILT (REFIT) 2003 (2019)
BEAM 68' 11" (21.01m)
MX SPEED 19.00 Knots
LOCATION Marseille, France
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Detailed Specifications

Type Twin Screw Displacement Yacht
Country of Registry Cayman Islands
Port of Registry Georgetown
Built  2003
Refit 2019
Builder HDW / Lürssen, Germany
Naval Architect Espen Øino, Espen Øino International
Exterior Designer Espen Øino, Espen Øino International
Interior Designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett, JQB Yacht Design
126.20m 414’01”
LWL 110.00m 361’00”
Beam 21.00m 68’11”
Max Draft 5.76m 18’11”
Classification Lloyds +100A1 SSC, Yacht (P), Mono, G6
Ice Class 1A, LMC, UMS, DP (CM) (Except during navigation in Ice), 15-year surveys completed 2019
Construction Steel hull and superstructure, composite funnel, teak decks, Bolidt decking on 2 x helicopter decks and hangar
Helidecks/Hangar 2 x Lloyds approved helidecks for a Sikorsky S-76C
Forward deck maximum AUM of 7355KG
Aft helideck maximum AUM of 6737KG
Glide Scope Indicator located on aft helideck
Fueling station provided in aft helideck aviation fuel tank, capacity 18m3
Helicopter hanger provides enclosed climate-controlled storage for a Sikorsky 76 and/or 1/2 x Eurocopter EC145. Fixed firefighting, pilot’s office and mechanics workshop plus sliding shutters for storage
GMDSS Sea Area A1+A2+A3+A4
Gross Tonnage  9,932 GT
Panama Canal Net Tonnage 8,376
Suez Canal Net Tonnage 7,773
Net Tonnage  2,979
Max Displacement  8,850
Propulsion Diesel Electric
Machinery 8 x MTU 16V4000 M50B
Machinery Power 8 x 1840 kW
Propulsion Motors 2 x ABB AMC
Propulsion Power 2 x 6000 kW
Max Fuel Capacity 1034m³
Fuel Cons at Avg Speed  50 m³ / day @ 16kts
Max Service Speed 19 knots
Max Guests  26
Number of Guest Cabins 13
Number of Crew Cabins 30
Maximum Crew 63
Number of Decks 9
OCTOPUS accommodates up to 26 guests in 13 cabins, and up to 63 crew in 30 cabins.
Owner Deck 7
1 x Master suite on dedicated owner’s deck with a full-beam suite looking aft with king bed, his and her en suite bathrooms, dressing room, private observation lounge (on deck 8 and only accessible from master suite), private exterior deck aft of the main cabin and a private elevator servicing decks 4-7
Guests Deck 4
1 x full-beam VIP suite forward with king bed, lounge area, and en suite bathroom
1 x VIP cabin with 1 king bed and en suite bathroom
4 x cabins with queen bed and en suite bathroom
1 x cabin with double bed and en suite bathroom
1 x cabin with 2 twin Beds, 1 separate bedroom with a single bed, 1 sofa and en suite bathroom
Deck 3
2 x cabins with twin beds and en suite bathroom
2 x cabins with queen bed, 1 sofa/daybed and en suite bathroom
Crew Deck 6
1 x captain’s cabin
1 x chief officer cabin
Deck 3
1 x chief engineer’s cabin
5 x single head of department cabins with 1 bed and 1 pullman bunk
1 x double berth shared cabin with engineering alarms
4 x triple berth shared cabins
Deck 2
1 x single berth cabin
13 x double berth shared cabins
3 x triple berth shared cabins
N.B. All crew cabins refitted with new bathrooms in 2019.
Owner and Guest Luxury Interior Areas  2,070m2 22,281 ft2
Crew Area Including Marina Access  2,280m2 24,541 ft2
Service Areas and Technical Spaces 2,030m2 21,850 ft2
Exterior Guest Accessible Teak Decks 1,398m2 15,047 ft2
Interior clear headroom generally throughout is 2,350mm (7’8”), with some higher feature areas at 2,500mm (8’2”)
Diesel Electric Propulsion
Main Propulsion            2 x ABB Industry AG E-motors, 3300V, 2x626A, 3-phase, 6100kW
PEM Running Hours Port:  81,360
Stbd.: 81,625              
Speeds Maximum speed: 19 knots
Cruising speed: 18 knots
Economical speed: 12.5 knots
Range  Approximate ranges:
9.5 knots (2 DG’s –  16CBM/24H): 14,250 nm
12.5 knots (3 DG’s –24CBM/24H): 12,500 nm
19.0 knots (8DG’s – 64 CBM/24H):  7,125 nm
Bow Thrusters             2 x Schottel transverse thruster units
E-motors; 2 x ABB 350kW
2 x Zhenjiang Propellers, 3 blade, 1240mm OD
Stern Thruster             1 x Schottel rudder propeller unit
E-motor; 1 x ABB 450kW
1 x Fundiluza propeller, 3 blade, 1350mm OD
Generators                  8 x ABB AMG 500L4L, prime mover MTU diesel engines
Output 2300kVA, Rated voltage 3300, Power factor 0.8, Rated current 402A, Rated speed 1800 rpm, Frequency 60 Hz. Efficiency at 100% rated power 96%
Gen Prime Mover            8 x MTU 16v 4000 M50B, 1840kW
Running hours:

1. 11,680 - New 2014

2. 8,230 -   Rebuilt 2014

3. 9,420 -   Rebuilt 2014

4. 8,100 -   Rebuilt 2014

5. 8,250 -   Rebuilt 2014

6. 5,490 -   Rebuilt 2014

7. 9,810 -   Rebuilt 2014

8. 11,370 - Rebuilt 2014

Shafts and Propellers                    2 x VATECH twin pitch propellers, max engine power for summer operation: 5855 kW (high pitch); max engine power for winter operation 4250 kW (low pitch, pitch reduction -3.5 deg)
Propellers OD 3050 mm
Classification, LRS + 100 A1 SCC Yacht, Ice class 1A
5 blades
Stabilizers                    1 x set of SKF Type Z, Z600-595-13, S-mode/S-mode operational, Surface area 16.5 m2 x 2. Main HPU power 90kW x 2 per fin
Gyro: Simplex-Compact Solid state H45 G15
SIMATIC S7-300 controller
Newly installed in 2014
Steering Gear              2 x Becker
EMR Generator 1 x MTU 12VTA, 382kw at 1800 rpm
Alternator AVK 416 kVA at 1800 rpm 400v AC/ 50 Hz/3-phase
2 x ABB RESIBLOC, Nominal power: 4600kVA, Primary Voltage/current: 3300V/850A, Secondary Voltage/current: 450V/5902A
LV Transformer 2 x J. Schneider Electrotechnik GmbH. Power rating: 560kVA
Frequency: 60Hz. Output voltage: 3 x 208V, output current: 1555A
LV Voltage Electricity 440v AC, 3-phase, 60 Hz
230V AC, 110V ACs single phase, 60 Hz (lighting, domestic equipment, control circuits and nautical equipment) 24V dc
Theinstallation is a 3-phase, four wire system, neutral earthed, 400v/230v AC, 50 Hz
Shore Power LV 440V AC, 3-phase breaker, 1500A min required  
European Converter Borri, Output power: 5 kVA, 1 x 230V single phase, 50 Hz
TANK CAPACITIES (approximate)
Fuel 1,034,000 liters (273,183 US gallons)
Technical Water  85,200 liters     (22,539   US gallons)
Water 108,000 liters    (28,571   US gallons)
Watermakers Reverse Osmosis unit with 2 x reverse osmosis desalination systems, each with a capacity to produce approximately 40,000 liters/ 10,567 US gallons per day
Lube Oil 9,600 liters/2,539 US gallons
Dirty Lube Oil 38,100 liters/10,079 US gallons
Waste Oil 32,900 liters/ 2,666 US gallons
Oily Water 46,300 liters/ 12,248 US gallons
GreyWater 110,800 liters/29,312 US gallons
Black Water 48,200 liters/12,751 US gallons
Constant FWBallast Max capacity: 1,562,000 liters/ 413,227 US gallons
Ballast Water Max capacity: 651,300 liters/ 172,301 US gallons
Pool Dump Tank 99,600 liters/ 26,349 US gallons
HelicopterFuel 17,700 liters/4,682 US gallons
TenderPetrol 2,000 liters/529 US gallons
Oily Water Separator Wartsila GS2000, MAX W.P. 3.5 bar
Purifier 2 x Alfa Laval P 626 Flex separation system
FO Polishing Filters NFV, KFWA, 4500 l/h, max 4,5 bar
Watermakers Potable 2 x HEM reverse osmosis desalination system series 80
2 x 1,660.00 liters/hour
Watermaker Technical HEM reverse osmosis desalination system series 80
Stage 2,500 liters/hour, 2nd stage 1,500 liters/hour
Oil/Water Separator Wartsila PPM measure; Smart Cell CN4222
2 x NISM 80-250/01u3.1d.w3, 70,000 liter/hour
Power absorption 37.8 kW. Delivery head 90 m
ER EMR Bilge Pumps Engine room 1; 1 3 X NISM 80-250/01u3.1d.w3, 100,000 liter/hour. Engine room 2; 1 x NISM 200-250/03-SU3.1d.w3
EMR Fire Pump 1 x NISM 80-250/01u3.1d.w3, 75,000 liters/hour
400,000 liters/hour. Delivery head 90 m
Sewage Treatment 1 x ACT 2 Piranha water reclamation WRS24 series C
Tank Heating 2 x ELWA, type 4672WR-V, 214 kW/max 95 deg. C/ max 6 bar
Toilet System Fresh water vacuum Toilet EVAC type VAC VT 910
Airconditioning 4 x Sabroe chilled water system compressors, type SH-202SF, cooling capacity 4 x 850 kW, power consumption 4 x 390 kW
Heinen and Hopman HVAV multi zone air conditioning system with single duct re-heat type with variable air volume system (VAV system) fully ventilated/recirculated, mechanical and ducted air conditioning systems. Main HVAC units supplied with main heating elements, intake air and re-circulated air UV treated, humidity generated by Hydromatik system using hot steam.
Siemens SICLIMAT X / BUF HMI system
Hot Water Boilers 4 x HEM, 4 x 600 vertical hot water modular system boilers
Hydrophore System 2 x HEM, type 20 XV 50-1606, hydrophore pump system
Fresh Water Treatment 1 x HEM, H1722202N, 2 x Ultra 20 UV/2 x 2144 Charcoal filters/ silver-copper sterilizer
Elevators 3 x ThyssenKrupp hydraulic personal/guest lifts: owners-lift, private-elevator and service elevator
2 x dumbwaiter lifts
1 x garbage lift
Helicopter Fueling 1 x Alfons Haar HRS2/350-EX helicopter bunkering/regenerating/fueling system
Tender Refueling System Alfons Haar tender re-fueling system
Deck 4 Fwd Cranes 2 x Cramm telescopic cranes, SWL 1,000 kg
Accommodation Ladder 2 x TLC 33 STEP Slewing hydraulic operated ladders
Sprinkler System Minimax sprinkler system
Fire Detection System Tyco, system T2000
CO2-Fire Extinguishing System Minimax high pressure system, (engine room 1 and 2, galley 1 and 2, EMR GEN room, garbage room)
Drencher System Minimax, manual activated drenching system for all marina garages as well as sub-marine and large tender dock
Hi Fog System Minimax, local application above 8 x generator sets
Hot Foam System Unitor system, helicopter deck-aft, and AVR room
Pool/Jacuzzi Treatment System  
Traditional domestic water treatment (filtering-chlorine/acid –dosing)
Safety 2 x 8.5m/ 27.88ft Fassmer CLR-C Solas Approved Compact Lifeboat-Rescue Boats with 70 person capacity
One Satellite EPIRB Jotron Tron 60 S and one Satellite EPIRB Tron 40 SVDR Float Free
2 x 9 GHz ACR Search and Rescue Transponder (SART)
8 x Inflatable davit launched life rafts (Solas-A pack), make Viking - 4 x on each side with 25 person capacity, with float free capacity
206 x Self-inflating life jackets 96 x foam life jackets
8 x child life jackets
Immersion suits 104 x adult, 10 x child
12 x Rocket parachute flares
4 x Line throwing device with 4 x rockets and four 4 x lines
Emergency escape breathing devices located engine room 1, engine room 2, chiller room, ECR, shaft rooms, laundry, switchboard room and bow thruster room
FireFighting Minimarin sprinkler fixed fire-fighting system installed throughout accommodation areas
Drencher system installed in helicopter hanger, tender garages, beach blub, dive center, fuel storage, marina, compressor room
Local application hi-fog fixed fire-fighting system installed to protect Engines No 1 – 8 and garbage handling room
CO2 fixed fire-fighting system installed to protect engine room 1, engine room 2, incinerator room, emergency generator room, paint store, exhausts ducts crew galley, owner’s galley, 2 x electric pizza ovens
2 x Fixed foam canons on aft helipad
4 x Portable foam units, engine room 1, engine room 2, forward helipad, aft helipad
Hot foam installation protecting aviation fuel room
2 x Main fire Pumps, 1 x Emergency Fire Pump
Fire-extinguishers - dry Powder, CO2, foam, wet chemical, water and fire hoses with nozzles are provided throughout
‘Charlie’ Fire Locker 6 x sets of firemen outfits, ‘Alfa’ fire Locker 4 x sets of fireman outfits, ‘Bravo’ Locker 2 x sets of fireman outfits complete with hoods, gloves, boots, breathing apparatus, explosive proof safety torch, fire axes, BA sets and spare BA Bottles
Helicopter Crash box including:
- 2 x Belt Cutters
- Coupling Key
- Small Crowbar
- Bolt Cutter
- 2 x Hammers
- 2 x Wire Cutters
- 2 x Pliers
- 2 x Shifters
- 2 x Craft Knife
- Hacksaw
Alarms A complete general alarm incorporated into the PAGA system
Fire mimic panel on bridge also displaying locked-in alarms, panic alarms and art alarms
TYCO integrated fire and security system, control panel on bridge, Repeater in engine control room
Fire and watertight door control and indication panel on bridge, remote closure controls
Security 70 fixed CCTV cameras for both security and shipboard operations
16 full recording cameras
5 Cohu 3960 PTZ HD cameras for security and shipboard operations
Recording available on request
2 IVCC PTZ-3532-50-06-110 Duel PTZ cameras. HD video and Thermal video capabilities
The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) equipment onboard Octopus follows the requirements of regulation IV/11 for Sea Areas A1, A2, A3 and A4 which includes Polar Regions.
GMDSS/SATCOM INMARSAT ship earth station Thrane and Thrane TT-3027
1 x VHF DSC TandT Sailor 6215
1x VHF DSC TandT Sailor 6222
1x VHF DSC TandT Sailor 5022
2 x MF/HF Control unit Sailor 6301
3 x Thrane and Thrane Sailor printers
3 x Message terminal TandT 6006, one for INMARSAT and 2 for Radiotelex
Shore based maintenance Mackay Marine
VHF and UHF Handheld Airband VHF installed on bridge and pilot’s office
Radios  72 x UHF ICOM
10 x UHF ICOM IDAS intrinsically safe handheld radios for firefighters
2 x VHF ICOM M73EURO kept in the wheelhouse
4 x West Marine VHF255 submersible kept in the wheelhouse
ICOM IDAS system covering all Octopus areas
The navigational bridge is based upon the K-Bridge Kongsberg system which consists of four independent ECDIS units and one conning station. All of the ECDIS units are Multi-Functional Displays and so can be used for planning as well as navigation and monitoring. Interchangeable from ECDIS to RADAR; they form part of the integrated bridge system that synergizes all of the navigational aids to assist in safe navigation. Incorporated in this is an auto pilot, Follow Up and Non follow up steering methods and the K-Pos Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning system.  
Magnetic Compass Sperry Marine 2060 Independent magnetic compass
Gyro Compass NAVIGAT 200 Multi Mechanical Gyro 
Fiber Optic Compass NAVIGAT 3000 Fiber Optic Gyrocompass
Dynamic Positioning Kongsberg K-Pos system with three independent stations
Automatic Pilot             Integrated   Navigation   System   type   Kongsberg K-Bridge features
Fully integrated radar and ECDIS operation
Consistent radar, chart and conning displays
Interactive on-screen operation
Versatile voyage planning capabilities
Autopilot with track control, operated from the Multifunctional Display
Log Naviknot 400 Doppler Speed Log
Echo Sounder Sperry Marine ES 5100
Radar 3 x ARPA radars (1 x S-band and 2 x X-band)
Nav. Display 4 x Multi- Functional Display Units / ECDIS K-Bridge
GPS 2 x DGPS SAAB R5 Supreme, 1 x FUGRO GPS
AIS Kongsberg AIS 300, integrated into K-Bridge  
NAVTEX Furuno Navtex NX-700
Anchor Windlass 2 x type 23, size 24 Steen stainless steel vertical anchor windlasses each with vertical warping capstans
Aft Warping Capstans 2 x electrically driven Steen capstans
2 x on the aft deck 3, 1 x one PS and 1 x on SB
Aft Anchor 1 x Electric yacht anchor winch type 01 size 16 with 6 x 27.5m chain
Forward Anchors 2 x POOL N fully balanced stockless High Holding Power anchor
3200Kg each with 9 x 27,5m chain each side
Boat Crane and Davits Davit International hydraulic lifeboat system
Two sets Lifeboat Handling System Type D-TT.SP.95 Davits with winch 12.18.33 SWL per arm 48.0 KN 
Davit International Raft Handling system
Two Type D-RC.21/3,65/QR Davits with winch 04.08.10 SWL 21.0 KN
2 x Cramm Hydraulic davit cranes located on deck 4 forward for Jet ski launch and stores. Each rated to 1 ton SWL
Marina Gantry crane rated to 40 tons SWL
2 x Aljo Helideck stores cranes retractable flush into superstructure. Each rated to 3 ton SWL
Passerelle 2 x Cramm telescopic slewing ladders, hydraulic operated on deck 3 port and starboard
Side Boarding Ladders 2 x boarding side ladders on deck 4
Searchlight 2 x searchlights on main mast, Xenon type ACR- RCL600A
Awning Removable awning on owner’s deck 7 forward
Swimming Pool Heated freshwater swimming pool located on deck 6 aft with glass retractable floor which raises flush with deck level to provide entertainment area
7m x 4.4m x 1.8m (56 CBM), variable depth pool floor
1 tiled custom Whirlpool located adjacently aft of swimming pool
1 Whirlpool located on owner’s deck 7 forward
Cinema\Projector Booth 15 seat cinema, 5 seats with D Box vibration
1 x Stewart Cinema Screen
1 x Sony PlayStation 4 Games Console
1 x Microsoft X-Box One Games Console
1 x Pioneer BDP-62FD Blu-ray Player
1 x Christie CP4220 Projector
1 x Wohler AMP1A-106 Audio QC Unit
1 x Dolby CP850 Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor
1 x Dolby DSS220 Dolby Movie Store
1 x Extron SSP7.1 Surround Sound Processor
2 x Crown 8|600N 8 Channel Amplifier     
1 x Crown iTech 4x3500 4 Channel Amplifier
Televisions Owners cabin:
1 x Panasonic 50” Plasma TV
1 x Panasonic 42” Plasma TV
1 x Sony 32” LCD TV 1 x Display Werks 15" LCD TV
VIP Cabin:
2 x Panasonic 50” Plasma TV
Guest Cabins:
11 x Panasonic 42” Plasma TV
1 x Panasonic 50” Plasma TV
1 x Panasonic 42” Plasma TV
Captain and Chief Officer Cabins:
2 x LG 32” TV
Private Observation Lounge:
1 x Panasonic 42” Plasma TV
Beach Club:
1 x Panasonic 42” Plasma TV
Crew Mess:
1 x Samsung 65” LED TV
Crew Cabins:
36 x Samsung 22” TV
 ROV/AUV Garage:
1 x Samsung 32” TV
Chief Eng. Cabin:
1 x LG 32” TV
Forward Observation:
2 x Panasonic 42” Plasma TV
Underwater Observation Lounge 1 x Panasonic 42” Plasma TV
1 x Crestron RM-RMC-200-S2 DM Receiver
ROV Control Room 1 xSamsung 50” LED TV
1 xAMX NI-3100 Control Processor
1 x Yamaha RX-A830 AVR
Apple iPads 80 x Generation 2, 3 and Air deployed around the boat
N.B. A complete list of AV equipment broken down by room is available upon request.
Computers 12 x Lenovo desktops
38 x Lenovo laptops
2 x Lenovo tablets
3 x Apple laptops
1 x DELL Laptop
4 x HP desktops
2 x Microsoft Laptops         
Telephones 122 xAvaya Telephones                                                        
114 x Avaya Telephone                                                          
1 x Viking Analogue Telephone          
Rack Power and Temperature Monitor Equipment 29 x APC AP7900 IP Power Distribution unit
20 x APC 7931IP Power Distribution unit      
38 x Servers Check SCTS01 Temp Sensor and Gateway        
Printers 12 xHP Office jet Pro 8600
                                  3 x HP Color LaserJet cp1518ni
2 x Zebra ZD620 Label Printers
1 x HP Color LaserJet CM6040 MFP
1 x Canon IPF785 Plotter Printer
1 x HP Color Laser Jet M452DN
1 x HP Color LaserJet M750
Galley Equipment Galley Storage Deck 1
1 x Scotsman stand-alone ice machine
1 x Large Hobart mixer
1 x Sammic vacuum packing machine
Crew Galley Deck 2
1 x Rational oven model:61E 
1 x Rational oven model:101E           
1 Stand alone "Foster" Fridge 600 liter
1 Stand alone "Foster" Fridge 300 liter
1 Stand alone "Foster" Freezer 300 liter
1 x Hobart Meat slicer
1 x Hoshizaki under counter ice machine
2 x undercounter fridges
1 x undercounter refrigerated double drawers
1 x "Berner" Energiespar Salamander           
1 x large rice cookers - Bartscher 20 liter      
1 x Robot coupe         
1 x WMF built in flat griddle  
1 x WMF built in grill 
1 x WMF under counter oven
1 x WMF built in double deep fryer  
1 x Panasonic microwave
1 x MP-350 Turbo Robot Coupe immersion blender
1 x Hobart Profi AMX, Standing industrial dishwasher
1 x Hobart undercounter dishwasher
Guest Galley Deck 5
2 x Rational ovens
1 x portable dehydrator         
1 x Hobart meat slicer
1 x Carpigiani ice cream maker
2 x Linea 4 stand-alone fridges 600 liter
1 x "Green Egg" ceramic grill
1 x Electrolux R stand-alone fridge 500 liter
1 x Elmeco single chamber Granita machine
1 x Hoshizaki under counter ice machine
1 x WMF 240-watt Salamander         
1 x Multivac C200 Vacuum packing machine
3 x undercounter fridges from original build
2 x undercounter refrigerated double drawers
2 x new G.S. Stolpen undercounter fridges
2 x Commercial Belgian Waffle makers        
1 x 4 burner industrial induction by "Berner" 400watt power          
1 x Robot coupe
1 x WMF built in flat griddle  
1 x WMF built in grill 
1 x WMF under counter oven
1 x Thermomix           
1 x WMF built in double deep fryer  
1 x WMF wok burner induction         
1 x Musso Ice cream machine L2
1 x Panasonic microwaves     
1 x Chocolate tempering machine     
1 x Sous vide machine
2 x Hobart Profi AMX, standing industrial dishwashers
Aft Outside Galley Deck 6
2 x Industrial pizza/baker’s ovens outside     
1 x "Grill Works" outdoor BBQ grill   
1 x gas built in tandoori oven
1 x "Rajj" coal tandoori oven movable from Galley Storage
1 x Robot coupe
4 x Paella burners      
1 x portable commercial induction burner    
1 x large rice cookers - Bartscher 20 liter
1 large and 2 small Paella pan           
20 various size pass trays
Yakitori Grill   
Robot Coupe vegetable shredder      
Kebab machine
Service Pantry Equipment Dry Store Deck 1
4 x Eurocave Confort wine fridge
Guest Pantry Deck 4
1 x SPT ice maker (under-counter)
Guest Pantry Deck 5
1 x La Spaziale espresso machine
1 x Sharp microwave
1 x Eurocave Confort wine fridge
1 x Miele professional dishwasher
2 x Hoshizaki Ice Maker (under-counter)
1 x CoolGiants Fridge Freezer (full height, double doors)
Juice Bar Deck 5
1 x Hoshizaki ice maker (under-counter)
1 x CoolMatic fridge (under-counter)
1 x SubZero fridge freezer (full height, 1 drawer freezer)
Guest Pantry Deck 6
1 x La Cimbali espresso machine
1 x Sharp Microwave
1 x Eurocave Confort Wine Fridge
1 x Miele Professional Dishwasher
1 x SPT Ice Maker (under-counter)
1 x Beer Tap and Fridge, built into chiller system
1 x U-Line Fridge (under-counter)
1 x SubZero Fridge (full height, 2 drawers)
JB Bar Deck 6 Exterior
1 x Hoshizaki Ice Maker (under-counter)
1 x Fridge 6 aft bar (drawers), built into chiller system
Deck 7 Forward Guest Bar
1 x Hoshizaki Ice Maker (under-counter)
1 x Fridge 7 forward bar, built into chiller system
Laundry 1 x Miele Roller Iron
2 x Veit Standing Steam Iron Stations with Steam Boilers
Service 1 x La Cimbali Espresso Machine
Medical 1 x Flouroscan X-Ray Machine
1 x Huntleigh Doppler
5 x Heart Start AED Defibrillator
1 x Heart Start Defibrillator
1 x Heine Laryngoscope
1 x Sunmist Nebulizer
1 x Laedral Suction Unit
1 x AutoVent Ventilator
1 x Volker Hospital Bed
3 x Welch Allyn Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope/Charger
1 x iStat Blood Analyzer
1 x Tempus Cardiac Monitor
1 x Nonin Pulse Oximetry
4 x Dan+ Demand Valve
1 x Water Jel Fire Blanket
1 x Oxygen Cylinder K Bottle
10 x Dan+Oxygen Cylinders 2.5L Bottles
5 x Dan+ Oxygen Regulator
2 x Dynamed Basket Stretchers
1 x Spencer Flat Board
1 x Necloc Extraction Collar
2 x Reeves Sleeve 2 Extraction Stretchers
2 x Ferno Kendrick Extraction Devices
1 x Scoop Stretcher
1 x Dynamed Traction Splint
1 x Life Support Services Trauma Air Pants
1 x MDI Vacuum Splints
1 x MDI Vacuum Stretcher
Guest Gym 1x Vectra On Line Full Body Weight Machine
1 x Precor Elliptical Cross Trainer
1 x Precor Treadmill
1 x Precor Functional Trainer
1 x Life Fitness Life Cycle
1 x Johnson Spinning Bike
Spa 1 x Sauna and one steam room adjacent to the massage room
Hyperbaric Chamber Aqua-Air Industries multi-place hyperbaric chamber with outer lock (DAN certified) with room for one patient and one nurse, double lock
Barbeque Fixed Grill Works wood/charcoal BBQ on deck 6 port
Portable Webber Kettle BBQ
Tenders 1 x Hinckley Talaria 43’ independently registered 13m large tender “Man Of War 2” with Twin FPT C90 650HP 6 Cylinder diesel engines with Twin Disc MG5082SC Transmissions (1.05:1) driving Hamilton 322 water jets w/33kw impellers via Eurocardan drive shafts
1 x Zodiac Milpro Custom Dive Tender 9.4m “Dive Zodiac”
1 x Zodiac Marine Custom Guest Tender 8.7m “Owners Zodiac”
1 x Zodiac Marine RIB 4.7m
2 x Zodiac Milpro MK V Inflatable Heavy Duty 5.8 m
4 x Yamaha FX140 Waverunners
2 x Yamaha Superjet
Watersports 4 x Hobie Pusuit kayak
2 x Epic V5 kayak
3 x Surfboards
3 x Windsurf boards and associated sails, masts, booms and harnesses
4 x Fanatic paddle boards
4 x Kite surfboard, harness and sails
3 x Wakeboards + wakeskate
Inflatable assorted water toys
Assorted fishing rods, reels, lures and accessories 
Dive Equipment 34 x Aluminum Air and Nitrox dive tanks (12L and 15L)
23 x Atomic Cobalt dive computers
10 x Suunto Cobra dive computers
39 x Aqualung BCDs
30 x Atomic regulator sets
5 x Aqualung regulator sets
83 x wetsuits of varying thicknesses
55 x rash guards
15 x dry suits
Appropriate underclothes, hoods, gloves and boots for dry suit diving
30 x adult masks and 10 child masks
48 x sets of fins (both full foot and open heel)
Soft pouch and block style dive weights
30 x mesh gear bags and 10 dry bags
25 x dive torches
120 x PADI Books
Underwater Photo and Video Equipment Red Dragon (with Scarlet upgrade) and Gates under water housing
RED accessories, filters and LCD screens
Sony Z100 with Gates underwater housing
Canon 5d Mark III still camera with Aquatica underwater housing
Nikon D800 still camera with Nauticam underwater housing
Assortment of professional photography and video lenses
Professional accessories (strobes, video lights, light boxes, tripods)
4 x Go Pro Hero 5 and accessories
Dive Scooters 6 x DiveXtras Piranha
4 x Apollo AV-2
Technical Diving 6 x technical diving tanks (6L)
4 x ScubaPro regulators with technical configuration
3 x Prism2 Rebreathers
2 x Ocean Reef full face masks with communication equipment
Free Diving 11 x sets of free-dive fins
5 x free-dive masks
Full free-dive set up with floating frame
Compressors 3 x Kaeser AT-11 Low pressure compressors
(2 with Nitrox membranes)
2 x Bauer VT-13 High pressure compressors
ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)
ROV Propulsion 7 x Sub-Atlantic hydraulic thrusters
Control System Greensea Systems Inc
Lights 5 x High powered and 6 x low powered LED lights
Cameras 1 x High definition and 6 x standard definition
Manipulator 1 x 7 function and 1 x 4 function (both hydraulic)
Depth Rating 3,000 meters
Sensors Sonar, Altimeter and Depth sensor
Location Beacons RF and Strobe beacons
Winch 1 Dynacon winch with 3,600 meters of umbilical with local / remote controls and pay-out readout
ROV Control Room Displays:Switchable video wall to display control system, video, sensors and tracking
Controls:Pilot and Co-Pilot Chairs and 19” racks for storage of computers and video distribution
Viewing Area:Leather couch on a raised platform and large format TV for viewing real time operations
Submersible “Pagoo”
Flag Cayman Islands
Classification DNV-GL
Capacity 8 Passengers and 2 Crew
Depth Rating 366 meters (1200 feet)
Life Support 96 hours (960-man hours)
Power 2 x 248V dc battery banks with separate 28V dc emergency battery supply
Toilet 1 x separate toilet and vanity compartment
Access 1 x main hatch and 1 x emergency hatch
Lighting High powered LED lighting
Cameras High definition camera ready and 3 x standard definition
Propulsion 7 electric thrusters
Sensors 2 x Altimeters and Sonar
Location Beacons (Buoy) 1 x Strobe and RF Beacon (mounted on emergency)
Safety Emergency drop weight, electable thrusters, oxygen breathing masks, life jackets and fixed firefighting system
Communications VHF and Underwater communication system
Maintenance For Comprehensive spares for both Pagoo and ROV are stored
on board M/Y Octopus within the submersible spare room
The submersible workshop is located in the ROV garage, with a range of tools for systems fault finding, repairing and maintenance
ATU Office Computers / screens for control / operation of tracking systems, multibeam system and controlling operations. Storage for Pagoo documentation
Multibeam Echo Sounder System:  Kongsberg EM710
Transducers: 2° by 2°
Underwater Tracking System System: Kongsberg HiPAP 502
Equipment: Through hull HiPAP Pole
Beacon: Various depth rating of beacons to track Pagoo and ROV in real time
OCTOPUS has undergone an extensive maintenance period every five years since delivery.
Below is a recap of the most recent works completed.
2018/2019 Refit – Hamburg, Blohm + Voss
  • 15-year Lloyds Class Survey completed
  • Full exterior paint job
  • Dive Zodiac had complete paint job
  • Drydocking service and antifouling of underwater hull
  • HVAC System inspected and service/replaced as necessary throughout
  • Hydrophore HEM upgrade and installation of new fresh water treatment
  • Replacement of swim platform teak
  • Full service and modification of Z600 stabilizers
  • Installation of new Waste Management System including rebuild of garbage cold room
  • Submersible batteries replaced
  • Genset Catalytic converter renewal
  • Tender Landing platform refurbished
  • Overhaul and upgrade of all under water lights with LED lights
  • New Fiber optic and conventional gyro installed
  • Lobby and guest cabin carpets replaced as necessary
  • Crew area carpets replaced
  • Tyco system upgraded
  • UNIFIRE monitors replaced
  • New control panel installed on Deck 7 Jacuzzi
  • Floodlights replaced
  • ROV Control system upgraded
  • Replaced and treated Galley 2 floor and Galley counters with new Induction Hobs in Galley 2 and 5
  • Replaced showers in crew cabins
  • Partial engine room paint job
  • New stainless-steel bridge wing cameras
  • ABB propulsion control system upgrade
  • Marina Bay had complete corrosion treatment and complete paint job
  • AV/IT UPS replacement
  • Chiller plant control upgrade
  • New PA system installed
OCTOPUS is not available for sale to US residents while in US waters.
An exclusion list will be provided pursuant to an acceptable purchase agreement.
All speeds, measurements, capacities, consumptions, etc. may be approximate or estimated.  Specifications provided for information only.  Data was obtained from sources believed to be reliable and is not guaranteed by owner or brokers.  Buyer assumes the responsibility to ascertain the correctness of all data contained herein and otherwise provided and must instruct his agent and surveyors to confirm all details for accuracy prior to purchase. Subject to prior sale price and inventory change or withdrawal from market without notice.


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