203' 5" (62.00m)

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Yacht Support Vessel 62 - 2022 203' 5" RMK MARINE
€24,700,000 EUR

The 2022 203' 5" RMK MARINE Yacht Support Vessel 62 is a yacht for sale located in Turkey.The Yacht Support Vessel 62 has been designed for worldwide support of superyachts. With its extensive main deck area of 300+ square metres it has generous space for storage of tenders and toys, landing and storing a helicopter, and yacht-quality supplementary accommodation to its mother yacht. Multiple configurations are possible. The YSV62 is able to replenish the provisions and water supplies of the Yacht with extensive storage for provisions available in the cooled and freezer areas of the YSV62, as well as cooled waste storage. YSV62 is a comfortable and sturdy ship with systems to commercial standards for build efficiency, easy maintenance, and reliable operations. The vessel has an efficient hull form designed for low resistance, excellent seaworthiness and comfort at sea and with twin 2,240 kW main engines will give a maximum speed of 18.5 kts, a cruising speed of 17 kts, and a range of 6500 nm at her economical speed of 15 kts. For higher speeds, a triple engine option is offered giving maximum speeds of over 20 kts. Let the YSV62 speed ahead and be waiting, fully set up for when you arrive.  With a flexible layout there are infinite customisation options such as a heli-garage, submarine storage, dive centre, fitness/spa area, entertainment area, and overflow guest/crew accommodation, as well as a host of further operational options including ICE-reinforced hull, or conventional, hybrid or diesel electric power.  A key design philosophy was to develop a “Green Ship” with a minimal environmental footprint, and naval architects Marimecs, established in 1986, have designed a superlative vessel offering great speed, long-range, and ultra-efficient running costs. With a build time of 24 months from contract signing, the YSV62 is waiting to compliment your yachting lifestyle. DELIVERY 24 MONTHS FROM SIGNING OF VESSEL CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT Accomodation: Crew : 10 Owner/VIP : 1 cabin for 2 persons Guest/add. crew : 8 Principal Particulars: (approx.) Length Overall : 62,00 [m] Length Waterline : 61,95 [m] Beam, moulded : 11,30 [m] Draft, Full load : 3,10 [m] Displacement (100% loaded) : ~1000 [tonnes] Propulsion and performance: Engines : 2x 2240 kW 3x 2240 kW (optional) Propellor : Diameter 1800mm Economical speed : 15 [knots] Cruising speed : 17 [knots] Maximum speed -twin engine : 18,5 [knots] -triple engine : 20,5 [knots] Range at economical speed : 6500 [nm] (Pacific) (@ loading condition 50%) Range at cruising speed : 4800 [nm] (Atlantic) (@ loading condition 50%) Construction & Classification: Hull type : Round bilged, transverse framing (Optional Ice reinforced) Hull material: : Steel grade A Superstructure material: : Aluminium 5083 H321 / H111 / Sealium Certification: : Lloyd's Register +100A1 SSC & flag (commercial shipping) Gross Tonnage: : Approx. 1100 [GT] Tank Capacities: Fuel : 200.000 [litres] (Including trim correction) Fresh Water : 40.000 [litres] Waste Water : t.b.d. Spare Waste Water : t.b.d. Petrol Fuel : t.b.d. Helicopter Fuel : t.b.d. Solid Waste (cooled) : t.b.d. Technical Installations: Generators : 2 x 300 [ekW] or 3 x 200 [ekW] Fresh water maker : 18000 [litres / day] Stabilizer system : Zero speed fin stabilizers (System t.b.d.) ■ All installed equipment to be flexibly mounted. ■ The HVAC installation to include air-conditioning and heating. ■ Summer: Outside air temp. 35°C/ 85%RH, inside 22°C/55%RH, water temp 33°C. ■ Winter: (Outside air temp. 0°C ,inside 22°C) Equipment: (short list, not covering all issues) ■ Deck Crane aft deck ■ Passarelle at stern, Telescopic, hydraulic driven ■ Double vertical anchor winch incl. capstan head ■ Two galvanised Pool-N bow anchors in “navy”pocket. ■ Two capstans aft deck ■ Stern anchor ■ Hydraulic or Electric zero speed stabilizers, Quantum / Naiad. ■ Hydraulic steering including auto pilot. ■ Twin bow-thrusters ■ Bollards to be St.Steel ■ Life rafts, Solas A-pack Interior: ■ Commercial standard with option for more luxurious cabins ■ Vibrations and noise levels kept as low as possible ■ Free standing height at all decks: 2,15m. ■ Wheelhouse front windows electrical heated. Tenders, Toys, Vehicles: ■ Worktender ■ MOB-boat ■ Approx. 300 [m^2] deck area for storage of tenders & toys Standard Features: ■ Guest area ■ Crew area ■ Tender boarding area in the side of the vessel to enable guests to enter the tenders easily ■ Helipad with optional helicopter storage (suitable for most commonly used helicopters aboard superyachts D=13) ■ Car storage (indoor) ■ Storage for large tenders / submarine ■ Storage of solid waste, also from the ‘supported’-ship ■ Adequate and simple system design including “green” waste management ■ Waste water storage with treatment also for the ‘supported’-ship ■ Waste storage ■ Waste oil storage ■ Dry stores ■ Bunker station, to replenish the ‘supported-yacht with fuel & water ■ Conventional propulsion (2x shaftline, optional 3x shaftline) ■ Refuelling station for tenders on deck ■ Petrol storage for tenders, cars and toys ■ Workshop ■ Spareparts storage ■ Storage which can double as for example a party area (hold), room left for integration of optionals. ■ Efficient low resistance, fuel saving hull design. ■ Large range (and still enough fuel to refuel the mother ship, to extend also the range of the supported yacht) ■ Fender system: fixed fenders, to enable the vessel to operate easily in commercial ports Optional Features: ■ Library ■ Alternative propulsion: Hybrid or Diesel Electric (to be detailed) ■ Flexiteak or Bolidt (on aftdeck) (optional) ■ Helicopter refuelling tank ■ Protection: cameras, searchlights, flowlights, securityroom, security crew ■ Underdeck car storage (hold) ■ Hospital ■ Wine cellar and additional storage ■ Extra refrigerator stores / freezer ■ Extra storage for rigs, sails etc. For sailing vessels. ■ Expedition version: ice strengthening, arctic-proof equipment etc. ■ Complementary guest area ■ Complementary crew area ■ Custom sport area ■ Theatre ■ Fitness area ■ Sauna/ Spa area ■ Diving support version with, moonpool and support features (deco tank, dive store,storage for diving equipment and submarine on deck) Versions: ■ Yacht Support Vessel : standard features ■ Arctic Expedition Support Vessel : ice-reinforcements (class), de-icing equipment, possibly a heavier crane is required to handle heavy expedition equipment, retractable/removable stabilizer fins? ■ Diving Support Vessel : moonpool, launching installation (or crane) for submarine, decompression-unit, diving shop. Design & Engineering: Exterior Stylist: Pieter Van Geest Designer/Naval Architect: Marimecs

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LENGTH 203' 5" (62.00m)
ASKING PRICE €24,700,000 EUR
BEAM 37' 1" (11.30m)
MX SPEED 19 Knots 22 MPH
DISPLACEMENT 2204622.62 Lbs
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