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Turquoise Yachts History

Founded in 1997 by two pioneers in the Turkish yacht-building arena – Proteksan Yachts and Turquoise Yacht Construction – Turquoise Yachts is a prominent high-end builder of customized, steel and aluminum luxury motor and mega yachts (also known as superyachts) based in Turkey. With an eye on the overnight and long-distance cruising market, the yacht builder manufactures high-quality classic and modern vessels with deep drafts and wider beams to ensure smooth sailing. Ranging in length from 88 (27m) to 238 feet (72.5m), Turquoise Yachts for sale are built at two shipyards – Kocaeli and Pendik – just outside company headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. The shipyard has delivered 20 superyachts to clients worldwide, including 252ft (77m) GO, 238ft (72.6m) VICKY, 108ft (33m) sailing yacht SIMBA, and 180ft (54.7m) motor yacht SEQUEL P.

Two Shipyards, Turnkey Solutions

Partnering in-house designers and naval architecture teams with some of the world’s top yacht designers, all Turquoise Yachts for sale feature state-of-the-art engineering, cruiser-friendly layouts and elegantly appointed, yet comfortable, interiors. To date, 21 yachts navigate the world’s oceans in style.

The shipyard at Pendik is used primarily for finishing work and interior outfitting. The 820,000-square-foot facility can handle up to eight 278-foot Turquoise Yachts for sale at the same time. The 164,000-square-foot Kocaeli yard is where the steel and aluminum work and the heavy machinery and piping installations are performed on Turquoise Yachts for sale.

Signature Moves

The BIG, little features engineers and craftsmen add to make Turquoise Yachts for sale the most preferred mega yachts in the world today include:

  • Customized interiors, using a variety of only the finest fabrics and woods
  • Diesel-electric fuel systems for lower emissions and improved fuel performance
  • Elastic shaft couplings and spring-type engine mounts to reduce vibration and sound
  • Floor to ceiling portholes for panoramic views
  • Inboard propulsion systems for fuel efficiency, superior power and quiet operation
  • Latest digital design patterns to solve common design issues
  • Multilayered, fine finishes to furnishings and other surfaces to protect against the elements
  • Precise and detailed joinery to add beauty and retain value
  • Thick insulation to reduce sound

In 2019, Mehmet Karabeyoglu stepped down as CEO but continues to serve on the company’s Board of Directors. Patrik von Sydow took over as the new CEO of the company.

Shipyard Stats:

  • Founder: Mehmet Karabeyoglu
  • Established: 1997, Pendik/İstanbul, Turkey
  • Type: Custom motor yachts and mega yachts
  • Size: 88 to 238 feet
  • Hulls: Displacement and mono

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Pendik/İstanbul, Turkey
Steel and Aluminum

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