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Company History

Sangermani Yachts was founded in the late 19th century when Ettore Sangermano built his first leisure yacht for his grandson. At the time, boats were mostly used for commercial purposes, but this family went against the grain and built yachts for pleasure. In 1928, the two sons of Ettore – Cesare and Piero – won the 5.5-meter class championship with their vessel called VESPA, that had recently been completed; this was among many other victories taken by the duo and their boats became very popular. The company outgrew its yard in Mulinetti, so in 1934, they moved to Rapallo, where they launched an additional 40 mega yachts. At the start of WWII, the duo was looking to yet expand again – this time, they built a 40m yacht called SOLARO I that was commissioned by the Archbishop of Genoa in 1945. By the following year, the two moved the yard again to its current location in Lavagna, and during the ‘50s and ‘60s, they entered the international racing scene when they constructed several Class III yachts for the Roya Ocean Racing Club.

By the ‘70s, the yard had already created GITANA IV for the Rothschild family, which subsequently won the Fastnet Race. After this feat, Sangermani constructed much larger yachts to the designs of legendary naval architects such as German Frers, Laurent Giles, and Sparkman & Stephens – just to name a few. Starting in 1978, the yard began building in composites, which has raised yacht performance exponentially. Since then, the yard has continued to build using the highest innovations in yacht construction, and continues to this day.

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