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Company History

Leonardo Yachts was founded by Steven Boersma, who started and sold De Vinci Yachts in 2015.

Located in the northern part of The Netherlands, Leonardo Yachts builds unique daysailers known as the Eagle for an international clientele, worldwide. The company’s core mission is to continue building beautiful daysailers that “turn heads.” The yard works with leading yacht designers and highly skilled craftsmen to create vessels that handle and perform beautifully. In 2011, he collaborated with his brother to start building Eagle sailing yachts, and started with the Eagle 44, when he teamed up with Dykstra Naval Architects, who also helped create the Eagle 36. The Eagle 36 was later redesigned in 2019 with Hoek Design, who also helped create the Eagle 54 in 2017. The company’s latest project is the Eagle 70 in collaboration with Hoek Design.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Steven Boersma
  • Size: 11 meters (38 ft) to 22 meters (70 ft)
  • Type: Daysailers
  • Model: Eagle 38, Eagle 44, Eagle 54, Eagle 70