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Established by Gary Hoyt in 1976, Freedom Yachts made its debut with the launch of the popular Freedom 40. Each Freedom yacht was built in fiberglass, a lightweight material that guaranteed a better, smoother ride. Read more below about the builder, and search for Freedom Yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Freedom Yachts was founded by Gary Hoyt in 1976 when he launched the Freedom 40. The reasoning behind the name was that his boats were built with unstayed rigs, so the mast was freestanding, and not supported by standing rigging. All Freedom yachts were built by Pearson Boats, a company that built boats in fiberglass.

In 1985, Hoyt sold Freedom Yachts to Tillotson-Pearson after having some slow years. In the earlier years, Freedom commissioned designs from the designers from the Herreshoff design offices, and later even the well-known Ron Holland.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Gary Hoyt
  • Size: 35 to 45 feet
  • Type: Sailboats, power boats

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