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Company History

What kind of name is Art of Kinetik for a boat company? Well, “kinetic” is a Greek term that refers to motion and is often used when referring to painting and sculpting.

And, cruising enthusiasts who’ve experienced Art of Kinetik yachts often describe them as floating works of art. So, the name fits.

Art of Kinetik Yachts, the Status Symbol for the Rich and Famous

Italian-designed, wood-based yachts built in the ‘50s became instant status symbols for the rich and famous. Sixty years later, Boris Ivanovic, a Serbian telecommunications entrepreneur with a civil engineering background, founded Art of Kinetik, aka AOK. His dream: Build entirely customized ultra-luxurious wooden yachts that embraced the exquisite craftsmanship, design and quality of the Italian classics – with one exception. He planned to give them a 21st-century look along with all the bells and whistles modern technology offers.

Building One of the Best Custom-Made Luxury Yachts

First, he founded a small shipyard in, of all places, landlocked Belgrade, Serbia. To some, this seemed risky. Not to Boris. The yard had the requisite workshops – composite, metal, carpentry and upholstery – necessary to design and build a series of custom AOK yachts.
Then, he brought machines and equipment in from Italy and established partnerships with recognized designers, including Germany’s foremost interior designer, Alv Kintscher, to ensure interiors and accessories were first-class. Next, he made arrangements to send his “marine” wood hulls to Germany to undergo a hydrothermal process that increased resilience and toughness. And, finally, he hired a crew of designers, engineers and craftsmen with the experience and exacting skills required to construct and assemble completely custom-made luxury yachts. In 2012, his efforts paid off. Art of Kinetik’s very first model, the 62-foot Hedonist, was a huge hit. Today, Art of Kinetik produces three models – the Hedonist, Antagonist and Mazokist – ranging from 32 to 67 feet.

Ultimate in Luxury, Performance and Comfort

From hand-sanded African mahogany hulls, ergonomic captain’s chairs and Rolls Royce water jets to touchscreen displays and advanced night vision systems, AOK yachts are the ultimate in luxury, performance and comfort. But Art of Kinetik yachts aren’t for everyone. Each one takes up to a year to build and the price tag is hefty. And lovers of the classic retro design sometimes can’t quite wrap their heads around AOK’s sleek, jet-set version.

However, if you are one of those rare individuals who enjoys owning an instantly recognizable brand and is patient enough to wait for your own one-of-a-kind floating masterpiece, check out the AOK yachts we have for sale.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Boris Ivanovic
  • Established: 2011, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Type: Ultra-luxury motor yachts, ranging from 32 to 67 feet
  • Models: Hedonist (Convertible, Hard Top and Open); Antagonist (Open); and Mazokist (Open)
  • Construction: Hydrothermal-treated African mahogany, natural Burmese teak and American dark nut



Belgrade, Serbia


Hydrothermal-Treated African Mahogany, Natural Burmese Teak and American Dark Nut