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About Trimarans

What is a Trimaran?

A trimaran falls into the multi-hulled family, with three hulls that give it a wide beam and extra stability. The center hull is usually a larger hull, with the two smaller side hulls flanking it. Multihulls are more stable on the water and, like catamarans, options include both sailing and powered trimarans. Smaller sailing trimarans are fairly common, but there are some beautiful examples of large trimarans in the superyacht fleet, like the iconic 42-meter Adastra and the 84-meter White Rabbit. The 2010 America’s Cup was also raced by 90-foot trimarans.

What is a Trimaran Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

The trimaran can be constructed from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and composites like fiberglass, GRP, and Kevlar. The “tri” in the name makes it pretty easy to guess the three-hull design, and like a monohull, a trimaran usually has just one engine in the center hull. While trimarans don’t have keels, they can have centerboards or daggerboards.

Why You Should Buy a Trimaran

You should buy a trimaran if you really enjoy your speed on the water — a trimaran is light and fast, with the added benefit of remaining steady and upright as she sails. Most would say that a multihull, and especially a trimaran, is safer on the water. With a smaller draft than monohulls, you can take advantage of shallower water to slip in close to shore. If your vessel has a centerboard or daggerboard, you can then nudge even closer to shore. As a bonus, there is lots of deck space available for entertaining. Space down below may be sacrificed to the tri-hull design, but if you’re looking to do some racing, most people will agree a trimaran is the faster option if you keep the vessel light.