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How Can I Sell My Boat with YATCO?

Owning your own yacht opens a world of possibilities for travel. Yet, if the time comes that you’d like to move on, there can be many questions that arise. So, if you’re wondering, “how can I sell my boat?” we can help.

Fill out the form below and we will help you get in touch with the industry’s best sales professionals for your vessel!

Why Sell My Boat with YATCO?

YATCO is The Official Search Engine of the Yachting Industry. Buyers and brokers have access to all yachts listed for sale, providing the most comprehensive access to the re-sale market. Our team of professionals will be happy to guide you through the sales process, from discovering how much your boat is worth to sell, to navigating the complex paperwork needed to sell your boat.

2023 SEA RAY 190 SPX @ PUERTO VALLARTA 2023 19' SEA RAY Boat, sell my boat request form
2023 SEA RAY 190 SPX @ PUERTO VALLARTA 2023 19′ SEA RAY Boat for Sale

Three Tips for Selling Your Boat

Once you’ve decided to sell, you might be wondering, how much should I sell my boat for? Where can I sell my boat near me? How can I sell my boat without a title? Check out our top three tips for selling your boat:

  1. Presentation Matters. When you’re ready to sell your boat, make sure you remove any personal items, tidy up and do a deep clean to put your best foot forward. This includes fixing any broken items that need replacing.
  2. Documentation Check. Before placing your boat for sale, you’ll need to ensure you have all pieces of documentation ready to go.
  3. Work with a Broker. Find the right broker by doing your research or looking through the YATCO Broker Finder. A good broker will guide you through the entire process and get your yacht seen by the right people.

Once you’ve gone through the above steps, you’re ready to place your boat for sale and move on to new adventures. If you want to look at comparable yachts for sale, please check out yachts for sale available on