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Steeped in history, a yacht charter in Vietnam can offer an unforgettable vacation.

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Vietnam Yacht Charter / An Unforgettable Vacation

Steeped in history, a yacht charter in Vietnam can offer an unforgettable vacation. Bicycle-clad streets, rice fields, dusty cities, a postcard-pretty shoreline and delectable food. The east coastline of Vietnam runs for 3,260 kilometers (not including its islands) meaning it is a fantastic cruising ground.

Starting in the bustling south and Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon as it was formally known, this city is a hotchpotch of old versus new; from a cityscape of high-end five-star hotels to the cheapest hostels; boutique designer stores to chaotic local markets and Michelin star quality food to street stalls. Ho Chi Ming City is a sprawling metropolis whose zest for improvement and enhancement is infectious. No yacht charter is complete without a stop in the party capital of Nha Trang. Set in the midst of forest-clad hills, a half moon-shaped beach and turquoise waters, this town is picture perfect for partying the night away and sunbathing the days away.

There are also a few islands dotted around here perfect for diving or snorkelling day trips. Hoi An and the Lao Cham islands are a great place to stop for some quiet reflection. Dotted with shrines and temples, mixed in with high-end retreats Hoi An is perfect for some relaxation. The eight islands of Lao Cham offer paradise beaches and secluded coves.

To the north of the country is Halong Bay. This bay is world famous for its outstanding natural beauty. Dotted with over 3000 limestone karsts and islands rising out of the Gulf of Tonkin, just sailing in this region is a marvel. Destinations Ho Chi Minh City/ Hoi An Islands/ Lao Cham Island/ Nha Trang / Saigon.

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Vietnam – Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay – Located near Nha Trang, this protected bay offers a secure position amidst picture perfect beaches including a 18km-long sand dune separating the main land and the islands. Van Phong Bay/ Nha Trang

Vietnam – Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Islands – This 16-islet cluster was once the home to thousands of prisoners incarcerated by French colonists and the America Military, today they are nothing but a peaceful place bursting the natural resources. Explore virgin jungles, waterfalls, a colourful coral reef and an islands feel where there is only two sets of traffic lights (which don’t work) and one road on the largest of the islands. You can visit the old 1862-built Phu Hai jail to see the conditions where once over 20,000 prisoners were kept – some in ‘tiger cages’. Con Dao Islands/ Phu Hai

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